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Wednesday Club runs - what's the format these days please?

I have recently retired 🥳

would be nice to join the Wednesday group - who, where, what please? Used to meet outside Bob's place the last time i was out?


  • Hi 9.30 from the Tuns. 40-50 miles at a sociable pace with cafe stop - 15-16mph, give or take a bit. Maybe see you tomorrow.
  • Would it be possible to post notice of Wednesday rides on the forum each week, please? It would be helpful to have confirmation as to whether a ride is going ahead, along with the time and place of departure. I have been advised there is a separate chat group where this information is shared. However, club members without access to it, are at a disadvantage. Many thanks. Paul
  • I agree Paul. It would be great if someone can post up - good for the club / good for the group.

    Just to put a practical reason down, Paul travels from Cambourne ladies and gents ;-)
    Not a short distance. Hence the reason why a notice would be very helpful esspecially if the weather is slightly iffy ;-)

    I could get a sticky discussion added that never goes away at the top of the forum and all that someone needs to do is add the word "yes" it is occuring.

    Please let me know so I can make something as quick & easy as possible ;-)

  • Typical, had to work yesterday! And away for 2 weeks now so see you in winter gear very soon then!
  • I've never ridden a Wednesday club ride. But I've seen them out on the road often and see their rides on Strava. I'd say it's a well-established, well-attended and really quite weather-resilient ride. It's fairly safe to say it's "on" each Wednesday.

    I'd rock up and ask to join the WhatsApp group along the ride.

    Skelders... well jell that you have retired. Hope to see you on a ride soon. Maybe a weekday one now then.
  • Sticky discussion would be good idea. 👍
  • MCMC
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    @Martin L Martin - please could you create a new discssion "Wednesday Club Run" and make sticky at the top :-)

  • Thanks Dave - we'll get it sorted
  • Routes are often decided on the day, but we’ll try to post something, especially if the ride is cancelled owing to bad weather. Normally there’s almost always a group out, and joining the WhatsApp is the best long term option.
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    Sticky thread - done. Though I'm unsure why it needs to be Sticky, or why it's not a fresh post each week like the Sat and Sun ones...
  • Many thanks for this. It is really appreciated.
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