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Club champs - Please read and vote

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We are trying to find the best day and venue to run the men's club champs, ideally we want the maximum number of riders that we can get.

Here are the options

Dec 28th - Hillingdon

Jan 16th - Misterton

Jan 23rd - Herne Hill

Jan 30th - Stow Scramble (Last Eastern league race) but Men race Senior event.

NEW - Feb 13th Smallgains

Please vote with your preferred option

Women already have their own race so less of an issue, I'd suggest last race of the season for the Womens club champs.


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    I vote for Hillingdon. Not sure if I can make Misterton, definitely can't make other 2, so put Misterton as 2nd option.
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  • 23 jan clashes with Milton. I can do Hillingdon or misterton.
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    To have the club champs without the club champ to defend his title, I think it’s only fair to have the race on a date that the reigning club champ can make.
    I have a holiday ban from 15th -31st December and can’t take holiday. I work shifts and working on 26th-29th so can’t make 28th. Not my fault and nothing I can do about it. So on that note, I vote for Misterton, Herne Hill or Smallgains.
    I do actually like the thought of racing at Hillingdon but just can’t get out of work.
  • Hillingdon would be my vote, the only one I can definitely make. That said my CX season is likely to only be 2 races this season (Southill and Hillingdon), so I understand whichever way it goes.
  • I don't really mind. Can't see me rising from the Christmas slumber for the 28th and although id love to race at Herne Hill its a pain to get to.
    So, id go with Misterton (where is that?) or im quite happy to race the seniors at Stow.
  • Not fussed either - season a bit of a write off so far! happy to go with the order listed.
  • All options look alright to me. Thanks Dan and Dave for getting the ball rolling.
  • I can make all dates.
  • We need to make a decision. Misterton seems to get the majority vote. Ben, Sam and Geoff can all do it and they're probably the contenders for the podium.

  • Misterton it is then :). We will race the Senior race but on the BC site enter your normal age category race. The organiser will actually grid us all together in the senior race.
  • Thanks Richard
  • The Women's and Youth championships will be incorporated in the Milton Race on the 23 January.

    The Muddy Monsters race at Ashwell on the 29th January will be the championships for all the Under 12's categories. More experienced riders like Logan will be given special dispensation to compete in the Muddy Monsters round.
  • Due to the cancellation of the event at Milton the Championships will now be the final league race of the season at Haughley Park.
  • Just had confirmation from Kevin @ Misterton that we will have our own start a minute after the others in the Senior race. Kevin asks when you sign on to let them know you are cca as we have our own sign on sheet.
  • 13 Ashwell took the start line today and Sam came out the worthy winner. Full results at the link below.
  • CCA took positions 1-6 in 50-59 category.
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