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G-Ride Spring Classic Sunday 8th May

This year's G-Ride will be on Sunday 8th May.

The G-Ride is a bit like Strade Bianche but without the Tuscan weather, scenery or towns and on brown roads rather than white. Otherwise just the same! A mixture of the lanes of North Herts with some off-road gravelly tracks and concrete farm lanes. All can be done on a road bike with 28mm training tyres - it's the proper way to do it. The route is roughly 90 miles with about 20 miles of brown roads.

Starting out from our Grass Track at Smallgains Lane at 8.30am. I will organise a mid ride picnic stop as there are only a couple of cafes on the route. We might split into two groups depending on numbers. This year's route will be clockwise taking out some of the rougher sections and tackling the Wimpole circuit early on in the ride. There will be an option of stopping at Ardeley for tea after the Tranchee de Ardeley.

Book out the whole day for this ride. It takes all day and is not one to be rushed.


  • First name down Mark. Thanks for organising. I'll be on my MTB.
  • Yep i'd like to do this for the 3rd time :awesome: Got this logged in my diary and i'll be on the gravel/cx bike aka the tank!
  • @mwyer hi Mark I am now blocked on the 8/05. No cycling on that day :-(
    See you soon and hope you have a good one!

  • The route for this year is about 150km.

    Unmade road sections:

    1. * Smallgains Lane 0.2 km
    2. ** Wimpole Trail 6.5 km
    3. * Park Wood 1.1 km
    4. * Hollow Road 1.9 km
    5. ** Chrishall Common 1.6 km
    6. ** Cokenach 2 km
    7. * Nuthampstead 1.2 km
    8. ** Beauchamps 3 km
    9. *** Dassells Berg 1.1 km
    10. * Latchford 0.8 km
    11. ** Bakers End 2 km
    12. * Cold Christmas 1.2 km
    13. * Youngsbury 2 km
    14. * Lowgate Lane 0.9 km
    15. *** Whitehill 1.1 km
    16. *** Tranchee de Ardeley 2 km
    17. * Greenway (Great Wymondley) 1.9 km
    18. * Greenway (Willian) 2 km
    19. * Greenway (Baldock) 3 km
    20. * Greenway (Norton Bury Lane) 1.5 km
    21. ** Ashwell Street 0.6 km

    Let me know if you want a GPX file of the route.
  • If you want to bring picnic food Stevie will transport it to the lunch stop for you. Just bring it to the start, plus any spare bottles etc.

    A good shorter route would be to ride to the end of the Beauchamps section above Hare Street and drop down to Buntingford.

    Let me know who's coming.
  • Thanks Mark I’ll be there
  • edited May 4
  • I'll be there please Mark. Thanks for pre-arranging great weather!👍
  • Looks like there will only be 5 of us so we'll go for a lunch cafe stop at Puckeridge and Ardeley for tea.
  • Hey Mark,

    I'm going to try make this but it's subject to me being able to top up the sealant in my tubless tyres and to get them to inflate.

    I'll post up on Saturday as to whether I can make it or not.
  • Success! Sealant topped up and tyres successfully pumped up. So I am aiming to be there tomorrow morning.
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