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ECCA TT Marshalling Requirements 2022 - Volunteers Required Within Please!

Hi all

We have received our allocation for 8 slots to cover the ECCA TT's that a fair few of us race over the season. Please see below. If able could you comment below if you can help marshall at the races, or get in touch with me (Chris) at Helping is important to keeping our membership in the ECCA and getting some excellent courses in. The F2 is the Cambourne/Caxton course and the E2 based around Newmarket. Please let me know and I can put people in touch with the relevant organisers. Thank you!

7th May – 25 on F2A/25 – 2 helpers
21st May – 50 on E2/50c or now probably F2/50 – 2 helpers
12th August – 12 hour on E2/12hr – 2 helpers
10th September – 10 on E2/10 – 2 helpers

Could this be pinned to the top please forum gods


  • I will help with the 50 on the 21st May
  • change of plan i'm going to help at the 10th September event
  • Sorry Chris, I missed this- not really planning on riding any of them this year, but I could do 10th sept?
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