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Suggestions for some lightweight carbon wheels?

Sorry for gate-crashing, although I have posted here before, the system just seems to have lost my (old) logon details. I’m a regular [road] cyclist locally, and have bumped (no pun intended) into many of you at some point. Fav routes via Ashwell towards the Bedford area, or down to Bayford.

I’m after some technical info/suggestions. I was going to replace my rim-brake bike, but given the amount I’d need to spend just to match it, it seems silly. However, I do want some faster wheels, but don’t want compromise the climbing speed from my now worn out alloys – I’ve managed to upset quite a few people with far far better bikes than me on the hills…but as soon as we hit a long straight with a favourable gradient and they pour on the sauce, I’m toast. I figure a 40-50mm rim depth to be the ideal?

Hunt Race Aero 31mm, have been v reliable. 1496g.

Options (budget ca.1k). Don’t care about brand, or bling:

* Parcours Grimpeur (mountain version, 40mm, apparently only slightly slower than the 50mm). 1350g. But optimized for 25mm tyres (I’d like the option of 28mm should I feel like it though)
* Scribe 3850. 1422g. Much real world benefit?
* Hunt 5050, with carbon spokes. 1358g. Interesting. Anyone tried these?
* Vision SC40. 1410g. But the climbing performance is criticised in reviews.
* Zip 303 Firecrest Carbon Clincher. 45mm. About 1510g the pair. But I don’t get how they can be ‘clincher’ when Zipp make such a fuss about ‘hookless’. Is it because I’ve been looking at an older model?
* Fulcrum Racing Speed 40C. But not tubeless-compatible (if maybe I wanted that in the future). And very expensive.
* Token Resolute CR45R. 1511g. Given the price, and 45mm rim depth, I’m finding hard to justify not going for these.

(They don’t necessarily have to be ‘better’ climbers than my current Hunts, but at least as good.)

Any thoughts/experiences?



  • Hi Chris
    My first thought is I bet any of these wheels will give you an advantage over your old wheels when you're at high speed in a bunch. I'd go with your heart.
    Second, I'd consider ebay and facebook marketplace and asking on the forum here and the CCA facebook group - for likely some great second-hand deal. Especially if you are keen to stick with clinchers.
    Third, if you're looking to not getting toasted on the flat, come and join an Ashwell Tuesday evening chaingang and you'll soon improve your performance. They start end of April.
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    Hi Chris, my personal experience with wheels have been a mix bag. I've had several wheels from a similar price spec as your looking for and I've learned my favourite option is sticking to hand built.
    I've tried hunt wheels a couple of times and found their hub bearings, especially the freehubs (non replaceable) totally pants, but the price point is very competitive.

    I've noticed that 45mm to 50mm is the best compromise for weight/aero. As long as you're not going silly weights, then aero is more your friend than weight.
    My personal recommendation is Malcom Borg at the cycle clinic. He offers a great warranty/crash replacement and you know the wheels he makes are totally bomb proof. Plus, he not too far away to go and meet if you have any concerns and issues in the future.
    He is a safe bet, but if you know what your looking for and are happy to gamble, there are some bargains to be had on ebay, marketplace etc.
  • Thank you, I appreciate your thoughts. I might give the hand-built option a try
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    Hi mate.

    If it helps, I have some Mavic Cosmic Exalith wheels for sale. Could be exactly what you’re after.

    Feel free to txt me on 07941629689 for all the details.
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