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Announcing the CCA Wednesday Evening Time Trial Season 2022!

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Hi Folks,

With mucho apologies for the slow posting, this to announce that our mid-week Club Time Trial Season 2022 starts again on Wednesday 27th April.

    • Weekly 10-mile TTs from 27th April to 24th August 2022 inclusive EXCEPT 8th and 22nd June, when we will be running a 25TT on the F14/25.
    • Open to All, including non-CCA member/Guest riders. And in a new move, our races will be posted to the London North District website, so we may get new riders and more competition!
    • Alternating 10TT rides on F14x10 circuit and F14/”Wrestlingworth – Wimpole RAB – Wrestlingworth” course. In case of roadworks on the F14x10 circuit, we can switch to the Wrestlingworth there-and-back course. If there are roadworks on the B1042 affecting both courses, cancellation is a possibility.
    • In addition to last year’s CTT Regulation 14(i), which required the Compulsory Use of a working Red Rear Light (flashing or steady), there is another new requirement for 2022: additional to the working rear light, also Compulsory Use of a working front white light (flashing or constant) must be used (see Rule 14(j)); and Helmet use is anow also compulsory (Rule 15). NO HELMET, NO LIGHTS, NO RIDE.
    • Although we are now "Learning to Live with Covid", if Competitors should not attend if they feel ill in ANY way especially if they or family members have any Covid 19 symptoms.
    • Season-long competitions (First Claim CCA only) for fastest Male, Female, Junior/Youth and Vets on standard (New M/F categories and Overall); and The Northfield Handicap (with mysterious scoring, natch 😉) – qualification for “fastest” titles requires two rides on each of the two 10 courses.
    • 25TT Champs will be Interclub 25 on the F14/25 (the Guilden Morden course) on Sunday 17th July.
NEW ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE F14x10 CIRCUIT (previously the “Footdown” 10 course)

Following a review in the CCA Committee, a revised Risk Assessment was submitted to CTT and the removal of the old “footdown” rule has been approved.

HOWEVER, clear warnings of the dangers of taking the turn will be made at sign-on. The turn will continue to be marshalled and anyone seen to take the turn dangerously, e.g. approaching the white line on B1042 on the exit will be disqualified. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY APPLIED.

Additionally, a new sign for riders approaching the turn will be in use to remind riders of the warnings given at sign-on; and a sign will be placed on the B1042 to warn cars travelling East and approaching the Toll Bar turn that a bike race is in progress.


ENTRY FEES (to cover Cycle Time Trials Levy and venue hire, incidentals etc.): £5 non-members (including 2nd claim CCA); £4 for 1st claim CCA members and non-member Juniors/Youth; £3 CCA member Juniors/Youth. Sign-on will be at the Guilden Morden Village Hall from about 6.15 p.m. First rider off will be at 7.01 p.m. unless otherwise advised. Cash or BACS to CCA account (please advise which at sign-on) "Cycle Club Ashwell", Sort Code: 20-41-12, Account No. 20382167. Give name and date as reference. Thanks!

To qualify for the season-long “fastest” competitions, 1st claim CCA riders need to ride a minimum of 4 (four) rides, two each on the F14x10; and two on the newer F14/Wrestlingworth. The two fastest rides on each course score, fastest average time wins.

The Northfield Handicap is a points-based competition over the 16 competition rides based against a rider’s time vs. their personal best on that course. The winning rider on the night receives 21 points, the second 16, then 13, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and the minimum any rider will score for turning out is one point. To allow for those taking time over the Summer to go on holiday, we will score your best 14 rides (we may reduce this number if we lose races to roadworks etc.) As the Wrestlingworth course has been up and running in its present form only since 2021, PBs from that season will be used for the 2022 Handicapping. As the "footdown" rule is being removed for 2022, PBs from the "old" footdown course since 2019 will be used as a guide for handicapping the 2022 "non-footdown" marks. We will publish our working PBs before the first night's competition, so stay tuned.

For Youth/Junior riders (under 18), we will need a signed Parent/Guardian consent form to compete - one form covers the whole season. If required, please ask and I can send an e-copy. There will be hardcopies available on the night for use as necessary. However, NO FORM, NO RIDE. But we only need one form on file to cover the whole season, not one form per ride. So, once the completed form is with us, you're sorted! 😊

Vets on standard (using VTTA standard times for 10 miles) - anyone born in 1981 or earlier is eligible.


OK, enough with all the rules. Let’s get racing! Best of luck to everyone!

Questions? Please respond to this post or privately message (PM) me.


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    For the benefit of anyone competing on the F14x10 circuit (the old "footdown" course), the turn into New Road at Guilden Morden shortly after the start is looking a bit patchy, so take care! See:

    Then, about 1/4 mile after the turn on the right to Steeple Morden after leaving GM, I've marked a small pothole on the racing line. See:

    But, further along Flecks Lane just before the right turn to Abington Piggots, there is a much larger pothole, now marked in yellow - presumably by the Council for patching. Beware!

    And finally, on Damnation Alley, about 3/4s of the way to Toll Bar, the road surface is extremely rough for about 20 metres in a patch on the left-hand side of the road. See:

    The B1042 is looking good. The Council has patched the Potton Road after the turn at Wrestlingworth, but the surface at the first left-hand bend after the long drop and straight is poor, but not potholed (no photo, sorry!). You can avoid by riding more in the centre of the lane as you take the bend, but at speed it may come upon you too quickly to change your line. Take a look…

    The surface on the rest of the circuit is good. Looking forward to seeing you.
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    As promised, here the PBs for the Footdown course since 2019 and the 2021 Wrestlingworth course PBs for all active 1st claim CCA in 2021. Questions? Queries? Please PM me.

    "Footdown" PB (since 2019 season); Date
    A. Bracewell 00:00:00; N/A
    A. McLeish 00:23:48; 17/07/2019
    B. Ronayne 00:22:06; 04/08/2021
    C. Luggeri 00:24:58; 04/08/2021
    C. Potter 00:21:30; 16/06/2021
    D. Marriage 00:24:31; 18/08/2021
    E. Koppe 00:25:46; 04/08/2021
    G. Askew 00:23:09; 10/07/2019
    J. Field 00:23:27; 05/08/2020
    J. Stuart 00:00:00; N/A
    M. Lawless 00:22:49; 05/06/2019
    M. Scales 00:25:09; 12/05/2019
    M. Young 00:21:18; 24/07/2019
    R. Buky 00:23:38; 26/05/2021
    R. Bumstead 00:25:02; 14/08/2019
    S. Messina 00:22:24; 21/07/2021
    S. Miles 00:24:42; 04/08/2021
    S. Orriss 00:26:43; 05/08/2020
    T. Allen 00:24:51; 14/08/2019
    T. Ayers 00:27:20; 05/06/2019

    Wrestlingworth PB; Date
    A. Bracewell 00:29:22; 05/05/2021
    A. McLeish 00:25:06; 14/07/2021
    B. Ronayne 00:22:12; 14/07/2021
    C. Luggeri 00:25:08; 11/08/2021
    C. Potter 00:21:36; 30/06/2021
    D. Marriage 00:24:28; 25/08/2021
    E. Koppe 00:25:56; 02/06/2021
    G. Askew 00:00:00; N/A
    J. Field 00:23:47; 25/08/2021
    J. Stuart 00:21:42; 11/08/21
    M. Lawless 00:23:21; 14/07/2021
    M. Scales 00:24:47; 14/07/2021
    M. Young 00:21:35; 30/06/2021
    R. Buky 00:23:44; 14/07/2021
    R. Bumstead 00:26:11; 14/07/2021
    S. Messina 00:22:26; 11/08/2021
    S. Miles 00:25:07; 14/07/2021
    S. Orriss 00:26:45; 02/06/2021
    T. Allen 00:00:00; N/A
    T. Ayers 00:29:48; 05/05/2021

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    Siggi, sorry, haven't forgotten you! Let me know if you're riding this year and I'll fish out your PBs! :-)
  • Hi Andy, great work on getting this running and the uesful pothole info. I'm hoping to get back into the Wed TTs this year after a gap of 3 years (eek!), could you dig out my PB please? I think I may have it somewhere if not...
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  • Hi All,

    For clarity, here are the intended dates for the running each of the courses (roadworks etc. allowing). So there are 8 rides on each of the F14x10; and Wrestlingworth courses.
      F14x10: 27th April; 11th and 25th May; 15th June; 6th and 20th July; 3rd and 17th August.

      Wrestlingworth: 4th, 18th May; 1st and 29th June; 13th and 27th July; 10th and 24th August.

      25TT: 8th and 22nd June.
    Any questions, please shout.
  • @Stuart F I didn't say thanks for sorting things out last night for the TT - cheers Stuart for work on the tt!

    Good evening and beat the rain fortunately!

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