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1st 10TT Race of the 2022 Season! Weds 27th April; F14x10 circuit (previously "Footdown 10")

Hi All,

Per the announcement, this the season opener. Sign-on at Guilden Morden VH from about 6.15 p.m. First off 19:01.

Stuart and I would be grateful for one helper please - if you can assist, please post here.

Any questions, please shout.



  • Hey Andy,

    I'm happy to help this week, legs need a rest!


  • Great. Thanks Al. Yes please!
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    Wednesday 27th April
    Course: F14x10

    1. S. Messina 23:48
    2. S. Miles 26.24
    3. T. Allen 26.31
    4. E. Koppe 27.18
    5. R. Bumstead 27.33
    6. S. Orris 28.30

    Northfield Cup Points to come... (and maybe even an explanation of how they are magically calculated)
  • Big Thanks to @Redhill Rob for stepping in a the last minute to marshal the Toll Bar. Thanks too to Al Mc for the watch work - hope you warmed up on the ride home, Al! :-)
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    Ok. Here is the magic part. Pay attention...

    The Northfield Handicap is a points-based competition over the 16 competition rides based against a rider’s time vs. their personal best on that course. But you must help out at least twice to qualify. The winning rider on the night receives 21 points, the second 16, then 13, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and the minimum any rider will score for turning out is one point.

    The riders tonight had the following PBs on this course, and Times:
    Name PB Today +/- from PB
    S. Messina 00:22:24 00:23:48 +00:01:24
    E. Koppe 00:25:46 00:27:18 +00:01:32
    T. Allen 00:24:5100:26:31 +00:01:40
    S. Miles 00:24:42 00:26:24 +00:01:42
    S. Orris 00:26:43 00:28:30+00:01:47
    R. Bumstead 00:25:0200:27:33 +00:02:31
    No PBs tonight, but as S. Messina was closest to his PB, he scores top points. Emma was next closest so 2nd place, and so on... Points
    S. Messina 21
    E. Koppe 16
    T. Allen 13
    S. Miles 10
    S. Orris 8
    R. Bumstead 6
    And we're up and running for 2022!
    Simple really.

    (* note, if we make any mistakes in calculations, please message me and I will either explain, or correct. Any errors will be completely accidental)

    Have a great season everyone.
  • Thanks Brendan! Great job! Good to have someone tech savvy doing the calcs for once! 😊
  • Great work guys and riders!
    I do intend to help where I can marshelling and also ride some TT's too this season.
    Couldn't make last night - in London until late.

  • Ah Brendan you've spoiled all the mystery with your excellent explanation and clearly laid out example!

    We now need a new, even more dark and mysterious points competition...
  • Quick question from me - is the PB you're competing against always the one at the start of the year or does it get updated if you break your PB during the season?

    Andy I did warm up a little bit by smashing it home, but toes didn't warm up though :(
  • Your PB gets updated as the year goes on. And it is your PB for over the past 3 years. So if you were incredibly quick 5 years ago, but have since got old and slow, you won't be chasing an impossible time.
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