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2nd 10TT Race of the 2022 Season; Weds 4th May; Wrestlingworth-Wimpole-Wrestlingworth

Hi Folks,

Our first outing on this course this year: the same as last year. Sign-on from abouy 6.15 pm at the Guilden Morden VH. First off at 19.01.

The "backside" of the Roundabout has been patched and there are no potholes to report. Please take care on the turn for the finish at Wrestlingworth crossroads. This will likely be marshalled anyway - don't cross the white line! :-)

Tim A. has volunteered to help - thanks Tim! - but it would be good to have one more please! :-)

Remember your front and rear lights! :-)

Questions? Please shout.


  • I'll be out racing and very much looking forward to it :awesome:
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    Hi Folks,

    Can someone tell me please whether the following MyWindsock data loads for racetime this Wednesday please?

  • Hey Andy it's working for me.
  • Cool. Thanks Al. Now you know your enemy! I’ll try to post these links up each week for the season. Prod me if I forget. Ta!
  • Hoping to race this one. I can Marshall a lot over the next 10 weeks as Amy is on a course.. as long as I can bring the dog with me as she isn't quite up to 2+ hours home alone yet
  • Thanks Chris, Yes, can we take you up on your kind offer please? Assume you'll be driving? See you at the VH about 6.30? Thanks!

  • Tonight's Results Points
    Name PB Today+/- from PB
    A. McLeish 00:25:06 00:25:30 +00:00:24 21
    J. Field 00:23:4700:24:20 +00:00:3316
    C. Potter 00:21:3600:22:49 +00:01:1313
    S. Miles 00:25:07 00:26:24 +00:01:1710
    R. Bumstead 00:26:1100:27:28 +00:01:1710
    S. Orris 00:26:45 00:28:35+00:01:506

    No PBs tonight, but as A. McLeish was closest to his PB, he scores top points. Jackie was
    next closest so 2nd place, and so on...

    Overall Points
    1A. McLeish -2121
    -S. Messina 21-21
    3S. Miles 101020
    4E. Koppe 16-16
    -J. Field -1616
    -R. Bumstead 61016
    7S. Orris 8614
    8T. Allen 13-13
    -C. Potter -1313
  • Thanks Brendan. Particular thanks from me to Stuart and @Tim A for running the event.
  • Thanks for doing the times/points Brendan and thanks to Andy for organising and to all the helpers. I would have broken my PB if I hadn't had to stop for 5 cars circa 30 seconds at the roundabout :angry:
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