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Inter Club 15 - Sunday 29th May 2022 - Report

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Hi All,

As trailed in the Announcement here, the first race of the 2022 season is approaching. Let's put on a good show in defending our 2021 title!

The BRCC-organised event is Headquartered at their Clubhouse in Cardington, with first rider off at 09:01.

There is a new way of entering. Instead of using the BRCC website, we use the following new link The new website location also includes details of HQ etc.

Note that entries close 24th May 2022. Please enter and post here that you've signed up.

Questions? Please shout. Cheers.


  • Adam & Lillie signed up.
  • I'm in
  • I've entered - could I get a later start please as i'll be riding over to Cardington and would like to recover before I set off racing!

    CCA has 5 riders
    IRC has 5 riders
    HNCC has riders
    BRCC has 10 riders

    So we need more riders if we want to defend our title!
  • Smash it Al! Yes, absolutely, I’ll ask for a later start. Cheers!
  • Can't make it as it stands, blocked by best man duties :-(

  • Entered
  • Entered Four out of Five rob
  • I've signed up for Sunday's 9am, 15m TT. I like the course.

    Deadline is tomorrow - Tues 24th May.

    Impressive simple website to sign-on with.
  • Thanks to all who signed up. Looks like we've got a *killer* squad. We'll update you on how we do in due course. Cheers!
  • Hi All,

    This to report on a terrific start by your CCA team to the 2022 InterClub competition with CCA carrying off the win on the day! Great camaraderie and team spirit shone through, with @Lillie40 carrying off the overall in the womens' event. Nomad's Nick Morgan won the mens' event in an astonishing 32.34. Kudos! Individual CCA performances as follows:

      1. L. Swan 39.03
      3. C. Potter 34.14
      7. M. Young 34.54
      12. M. Lawless 36.08
      13. A. Swan 36.19
      19. A. McLeish 38.53
      20. R. Buky 39.09
      27. S. Miles 40.12
      34. G. Ewen 42.33
      35. R. Bumstead 43.16
    Kudos to All!

    So, after one race of the 5 race series, the rankings look like this:
      CCA 210
      BRCC 189
      SNCC 154
      HNCC 151
      IRC 103
    The next race is the Inter Club 30 organised by Hitchin Nomads on 30th June. Interested to join a successful Team? Want to know more? Please shout!
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