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25 mile TT on F14/25 circuit; Wednesday 8th June 2022 - First off 19.01

We take a short mid-season break from the 10 mile TTs with this, the first of two 25 mile TTs on the F14/25 circuit.

There are a couple of wrinkles this evening, however, so you'll have to bear with...

Firstly, I'm not available to run the whole event, so @ChrisP has kindly stepped in. He will he ably assisted by Mr. Orriss, @AlistairMc and @Steve M. But do "be nice" :-)

Secondly, the Guilden Morden Village Hall is being decorated so we won't have access to the toiletting and I've been given special dispensation to sneak in to get the signs. So sign-on will be from the back of a car.

OK, with all that, it would be helpful to see what numbers we have so please post here to register interest.



  • I'd like to ride please Andy
  • edited June 7
    I'm looking to ride as long as it stays dry. If there are not enough takers for 25 can we still run the 10 on the same course?
  • I'm planning to ride Andy ;-)

  • I'd like to ride please
  • Would like to ride please
  • Belated posting of the times from last Wednesday, with apologies (CCA unless indicated):
      1. M. Lawless 59.23
      2 J. Stuart 59.48
      3. E. Koppe (F) 1.08.20
      4. S. Douglas (Meridian Tri) 1.08.31
      5. R. Bumstead 1.08.53
      6. A. Challis (PTT?) 1.09.39
      7. MC 1.09.51
    With thanks to Chris P for organising in my temporary absence and Al McLeish, Stephen O and Steve M for heling/marshalling.
  • Happy with that on a road bike with no aero, plan was to do sub-1h:10mins. Mission accomplished.
    The next goal on a road bike is 1h8mins, converting to avg. speed of 22mph / 25miles on that circuit.

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