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Saturday 7th October - 9.30am club ride

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Don't pack away the shorts quite yet - looks like it's going to be July in October tomorrow :sunglasses:

Couple of options I recon: We can make the most of the sunshine and go a bit further than normal and go to the strange horsey place in North Beds (Keysoe)

Ashwell, Langford, Broom, Blunham, Gt Barford, Wilden, Bolinghurst, Keysoe, Colemworth, Barford, Blunham, Everton, Potton, Wrestlingworth, Ashwell (60 miles)


or slightly less far for the classic Duxford loop


Ashwell-Bassingbourn-Shepreth-Barrington-Chapel Hill-Kingston-Toft-Barton-Harston-Whittlesford-Duxford-Fowlmere-Bassingbourn-Ashwell (54 miles)

I'm happy with either, so let me know if you have a preference !

See you in the morning


  • Weather looks good πŸ‘. I'd prefer the shorter route, but happy with either.
  • Happy with either too. See you in the morning.
  • Same here, see you tomorrow.
  • Guys
    Let me which route you are doing if its the longer route I will be waiting at the bottom of Langford hill it the shorter on i will come to the tuns thx
  • We will decide when we all meet up so probably the best idea is to meet at the Tuns
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