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Saturday 21st October - 9.30am club ride

Forecast for tomorrow keep changing, so assuming it's not chucking it down how about we head SE & potentially get a tailwind back

Ashwell-Buntingford-Wydial-The Pelhams-Manuden-Rickling Green-Wickham Bonhunt-Roast Green-Meesden-Ansty-Barkway-Therfield-Ashwell (47 miles)


Only option for a cafe stop is Alan's favorite Poppys.........

See you in the morning !


  • Yep weather looks potentially dodgy, but I'll be out unless it's actually raining.

    Definitely no sun screen needed.
  • Could be winter bikes this time, but it's been a good run.
  • I'm sure we can find a nice lay by!! Winter bike for me.
  • I’ll be there weather permitting
  • Yikes yes winter bike, better give it a check...
  • Yep winter bike checked - gears still as dodgy as the last time I used it !
  • 7.50 am heavy rain here and forecast not encouraging. Turbo for me 😬.
  • Currently raining in the Pelhams. Due to stop for a while. Moderate rain forecast 1000-1200 and radar map supports that band coming from. London. Anyone going out?
  • edited October 21
    Tricky to say from the radar so I’m up for meeting at 9.30 & doing a shorter Ashwell/Potton sort of loop heading north
  • Ok. I will join you.
  • Yep I'll risk it and agree a shorter ride is best. Need some air and a break from Zwift.
  • Well that was wetter than expected ! Thanks all for the great company this morning :)
  • It was very wet, but it was good to ride past you guys on flecks lane. Sorry I didn't stop to chat, but I couldn't stop or I would have turned around and gone home rather than completing my planned route!
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