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CX Club Championships 2023

To decide the club Senior and Junior CX Champion we nominate a promotion in another league and enter that Open race. This allows different age categories to race together. This is important for the men’s event as the spread of ages covers several races. This restriction is not an issue for the women however as all women (Junior and Senior) race in the same race.

As I hope most CX riders will be aware we have identified The Central League race at Hillingdon on Sunday November 26th for the men's race. As the Juniors now race in the Open race in The Central League Junior riders can enter too. So if you are a Junior, or older, man then enter the Senior or Junior race (11:30). We will all start at the back of the grid so as not to interfere with the regular league race. In the past we have arranged to get a whistle start a minute or two after the main field sets off.


Normally the Women's champions are decided at the same race, but I am now aware that November 26th doesn't suit everyone who wishes the race. So it is proposed that we choose a regular Eastern League race to decide the Women's champion. Perhaps the final race of the regular season.

I suggest the other age categories are also be decided at the same event as the Women’s race.

To summarise, the men’s race is November 26th and the date for other categories will be agreed in due course.
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