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Saturday 22 December 9:30am club ride

As David is away enjoying the winter sun in some far-flung exotic location (not jealous at all), I thought I would suggest something. Looks like the storm is easing off a bit but it's still going to be fairly windy tomorrow. How about the northerly route via Paxtons/Graveley:


Ashwell-Wrestlingworth-Tetworth Hill-Croxton-Gt Paxton-Offord D'Arcy-Graveley-Gransden-Hatley-Shingey-Ashwell (48 miles).

If the weather if not great we could always cut out the top-most loop if necessary.

I also propose we deviate at Gransden for coffee and cake at Waresley garden centre.

Happy to consider alternatives though if anyone's got a better suggestion.

Hopefully see you tomorrow!


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