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Saturday 6th January - 9.30am club ride

Happy New Year all !

Tomorrow's challenge is to find some roads that we don't need a boat to traverse ! I've tried to find what I think are the driest roads around here, but think we should be prepared for some winter filth....



For coffee/cake, we could try the Days of Ashwell Bakery/farm shop/cafe in Newton as we pass the door: https://ctccambridge.org.uk/stops/521

See you in the morning !


  • Looks good to me, never knew that shop was there, in all the times I’ve cycled past there ? To think I’ve been missing out on all those cakes lol.
  • See you in the morning - we'll wrapped up!
  • I'll have a lie in and join en route..😴. Be wary, Mill Lane floods quite often.
  • Looks good to me. And yes we're back to cold northerly winds again. At least it's calmed down a bit.
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