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CCA 3-Cafes Spring Classic, Friday 15th March 2024, 8.30am

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Hi all

You can keep your so-called Tour of Flanders... The annual '3 Cafes' CCA Spring Classic ride over to Maglia Rosso, with the Blue Egg and Saffron Walden Costa either side, is on Friday 15th March 2024. 8.30am departure from Ashwell.

All welcome - CCA members or not.

A great early-season challenge. The daffodils will be out and there'll be a hint of warmth in the air. Everyone who does it gets a 25mm D-pin metal badge of honour.


Please let us know if you plan to ride on this forum. There is no cut-off date though. You can just turn up on the day.

Here is the Maglia Rosso lunch menu. It helps to speed up things if we pre-order. The menu has been on their website for a while so the prices might be a bit out of date.

Place your Maglia Rosso lunch order by clicking HERE.

Along the way back through Saffron Walden, we can mourn the loss of the Bicicletta cafe, one of the O.G. cafe stops, which is now a waffle house.


  • I'm I'll sort the menu ;-)

  • I'm up for this. Looking forward to it!
  • I'm in too.
    And shocking Bicicletta news.
  • Count me in
  • Martin L
    Tim A
    Carl O
  • Might be struggling to get approval for this, Same time as my wedding anniversary....

    Is this a week early this year?
  • Bring to top - please could you make this one sticky Martin?

  • Martin L
    Tim A
    Carl O

    Hi Taff, and anyone else who might be pressed for time, consider the regular trains from Bury St Edmunds (our furthest point and just 5 miles from lunch-stop Maglia Rosso). The train to Cambridge takes 40 mins.

    I'd hope we'd get back to Ashwell around 6-6.30pm, judging from previous rides.

    It may feel like a week early this year. I go for the day before the Milan-San Remo classic. Blame the Italians.
  • Dare I say, I might have a pop at this this year... I haven't ridden a bike in a couple of months but will be getting back on it for a bit over the next few weeks. Will see how I'm doing, but would be nice to get some miles in my legs.
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