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Saturday 10th Feb - 9.30am club ride

Forecast is looking good again for tomorrow - 12 degrees, loving this spring/winter thing. More of a challenge though is to find some roads that we don't need scuba gear to traverse !

How about we do a reverse version of route we did a couple of weeks ago where we stopped at the bakery ?


Ashwell-Bassingbourn-Fowlemere-Newton-Hasslingfield-Comberton-Bourn-Longstowe-Croyden Hill (down)-Ashwell (44 miles)

Coffee stop at the excellent Stove in Bourn ?

See you in the morning !


  • Not sure of my plans tommorow but just sharing a bit of experience from a few weeks ago, that lane you're taking into Comberton floods quite easily =)
    Not a nightmare, so not necessarily avoid (via Barton) but good to expect it.
  • Should be there
  • Looks good, see you tomorrow.
  • Thanks for the heads up Toma, we could re-route to Barton and cut through the cycle track/park if it’s all looking a big soggy around there
  • See you in the morning
  • Can’t make it after all
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