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Saturday 6th April 9.30 club ride

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Well a bit of a dilemma tomorrow. On the one hand it looks like it's going to be a lovely warm spring day, but on the other it's going to be a bit windy !!

So, if we do get out will have to be south into the wind, then back north with a tailwind. Something a bit like this....

Ashwell, slip end, Cromer, Walkren, Watton, Datchworth, Bulls Green, Bramfield, stapleford, Sacombe, Dane end, Nasty, Cherry Green, Westmill, Buntingford, Sandon, Ashwell (44 miles)


Cafe stop at Westmill tea rooms or the cafe on Buntingford high street

Route has us going to Therfield and down to the 505, but probably best to do back via Sandon and slip end.

Let me know if you think it's a GO/NO GO .........


  • I'm not around tomorrow (or next Saturday πŸ₯Ί), enjoy the warmth...(and windπŸ˜…).
  • I fancy a short spin if I get up in time but will need to peel off early to get back home for 11.00.
  • I’ll give it a GO, just need to be as streamlined as possible, but probably not in my case , see you tomorrow πŸ‘.
  • I'm not sure at the moment, just come back from a walk on the heath and it is very gusty, not ideal for group riding tbh. Will see what it's like in the morning.
  • I might cycle over and then peel off after coffee - depending on the wind. Or I will hang off the back (getting my excuses early).
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    I will try and make it but may peal off at Sandon and back to Letchworth.
  • I should be there and not likely to peel off 😁
  • Well looks like the consensus is go, so see you all in the morning- might even be in shorts :)
  • Looks like a good route too πŸ‘
  • Going to give it a miss this morning.
    Stay safe guys!
  • I will meet you en route.
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