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***Announcement of "Skinny" Wednesday evening TT Season + An encouragement to DIY***

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Hi All,

Announcing a "skinny" version of the usual weekly TT race season with the total number of races depending on members putting on races themselves on Wednesdays not mentioned below.

The HQ for all events is Guilden Morden Village Hall (Postcode: SG8 0JF; what three words: ///remotest.majority.fruit). Cost is £5 for CCA and Meridian Tri members, £6 guests. First rider off 19:01.

Races will be conducted under CTT rules, meaning you will be required to show a visible race number, have working front and rear lights and wear a helmet. If any of these are missing, no ride. All rides subject to roadworks (we can switch between courses shown below or even shorten the course to accommodate, if possible) and extreme weather.

Under 18s will be required to provide a parental consent form, available at the following link (one form covers the entire season): https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/documents/download/3743

Given the potential for fewer races across the season, we will *try our best* to run the usual competitions across the year: fastest male/female/youth (number of qualifying rides TBC); and handicap (complete with mysterious scoring method).

Race dates:

24th April - First race of the season
1st May - Meridian Tri organising
15th May
5th June - Meridian Tri organising
19th June
3rd July - Meridian Tri organising
24th July
7th August - Merician Tri organising
21st August

Members are encouraged to put races on themselves in the weeks not indicated above. Organisation is not difficult but does involve attention to detail, arriving early at the HQ (say 5.45-6.00 p.m.) to pick up signs and driving the course to put the signs up; and time-keeping. If we call the person putting out the signs the "organiser" and a timekeeper or marshal a "helper", each race needs one organiser and a minimum of one, preferably two helpers. Training will be provided to ensure that races are organised to meet the course risk assessments. One obvious solution is for two or three members to club together into a team to put on one/a few races on a particular date(s) between them. Please get in touch to discuss.


Each race will be run over one of the following two courses:

1) Starting at the Wrestlingworth crossroads to the roundabout at Wimpole and back, turning to finish at the top of the rise. Note: any rider crossing the white line when attempting to appex the final corner will be DQd.


2) A circuit starting just outside Guilden Morden. WARNING: the link road at 4 has a bad surface in places and it is recommended to ride the rough section on your base bars, not extension bars or, preferably, ride the course on a road bike. Also, the T-junction at the end of (4) in the image below is unsighted to the left and joins a 40 mph road with cars to the right, though generally at race time traffic is light. However, the junction will be marshalled. Riders should take the corner with caution and any rider seen to cross the white line exiting the turn will be DQd.


If you really can't bear the thought of organising a race ;-) and you're willing to travel, there are other clubs in the area who run TT events, though you will have to check to see whether the require you to help to ride.

Cambridge CC - Wednesday evenings https://www.cambridge-cycling-club.org.uk/timetrial.htm
Bedford Road CC - Thursday evenings https://www.bedsroad.org/time-trials.php
Hitchin Nomads - Tuesday evenings https://hitchinnomads.cc/activities/time-trials
Icknield Road Club - Tuesday evenings https://www.icknield-roadclub.org.uk/tuesday-evening-time-trials/


  • If anyone is looking at organising for the 15th May or 24th July but needs an extra pair of hands let me know and I'll do whatever needs doing 👍
  • 10M TT is ON this evening, Wednesday 8th May, 7.00pm start time. Course is option 1. above (Wrestlingworth crossroads to the roundabout at Wimpole and back). Meet Guilden Morden Village Hall (GMVH) from 6.15pm onwards. All other information required must surely be in the thread above. Thanks David
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