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Sunday Club Run June 2nd - Meet at 3-Tuns Ashwell - route tbc

Good Morning all,
Sunday club run πŸƒ meet at 3-tuns in Ashwell @9:00am
Personally I am not out :-(

Who is out?
Please post up below.
Remember club members can request to join the Sunday club run what’s app group :-)



  • Hi,
    I am not on the Whatsapp group but may join the ride Sunday. Can I check approximate distance and typical average speed?
    You can add me to Whatsapp if easier: 0789 503 3510
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    Hi Julien, I've asked that MC adds you to the group mate
  • I've just joined CC Ashwell and would like to come along tomorrow. Happy to be in the WhatsApp group - William Webb 07834 432015. Is there a slow / fast option (I'd prefer fast)?
  • Anyone got a route in mind ?
    William Speed will depend on route and how sober I am when I turn up lol.
    Usually around 17 - 19 ish avg welcome
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