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Weds 19th June 2024 - 9th Weds eve time trial - Wrestlingworth roundabout course

This weeks TT is on and will be the Wrestlingworth roundabout course.

Sign-on from about 6.15 p.m. in the foyer of the Guilden Morden Village Hall. First rider off 19.01.

I think im good for helpers (Coireall's mum and Logans dad) - thank you :-)

Weather is likely to rubbish as it always is at the moment but it will be fun anyway!

Any youth riders whse parents have not already provided a parental constent form, please contact Matthew Brazier.

The cost to ride is £5 for CCA and Meridian Triathlon Club members and £6 for non-CCA.


  • Results from Wed 19th June

    L Ayres, 00:30:10
    C Marlow, 00:27:06
    R Bumstead, 00:26:15
    S Miles, 00:25:36
    S Douglas, 00:25:57
    G Ewen, 00:24:09
    B Ronayne, 00:22:27
    T Lunnon, 00:29:01
    S Marlow, 0:26:09
    E Mitchinson, 00:25:46
    D Mitchinson, 00:22:54
    M Lawless, 00:23:11
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