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Offroad Club Ride, Wednesday June 19


Notsyor here we come.

(Details to follow)


  • So the plan is the Royston route (we did last week) but backwards!

    There are a few hazzards that we all need to be aware of;
    1) The descent into Royston can be very fast. We need to moderate our speed so we can stop in time for other bridleway users.
    2) Just before the level crossing we cross the A505 at the MacDonald's roundabout. Take care and only cross the carriageway when you are convinced it is safe to do so.
    3) Railway level crossing south of Ashwell Street. Extreme care should be taken when crossing the lines and only do so when you a sure no trains are coming. Look and listen.

    GPX file here

    Meet at the 3 Tuns at 19:00

    (Note map is from last week's route so the arrows are the wrong way round)

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