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Offroad clubrun Wednesday July 10

The 'Mirror S' route. Basically an out and back route which unfortunately takes in a fair chunk of Northfields. However goes to Hinxworth and up Brick Lane. Does go through 'Calvical Hollow', so we should slow for that and mutter 'Hail Davy'.

About 19 miles, but we can shorten things on the way back if desired.

I doubt it will rain.

GPX here

Meet at the 3 Tuns at 19:00

Who's up for this?


  • Peter and I did discuss making an expedition up Green Lane but decided against it. There was a surprising amount of water around, lots of vegetation and low sun. So if the brambles didn't rip us up, the sun would have blinded us and led us to drown in the water filled trenches.

    I am not available next Wednesday as I am doing a CX race at MK Bowel. So if you are planning to go out please post up the ride here.
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