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Cyclocross Madison Race - Wednesday 1st September

This Wednesday coming we will be holding a fun end of summer event down at Smallgains field. Using the cyclocross course at the grass track field that we have put up for the summer CX series we are going to combine the best of track and cyclocross, a CX Madison.

Teams of two will compete in an alternate lap race. Teams will be decided using a carefully thought out seeding system, or maybe just pulled out of a hat. If you're new to CX and think you won't be any good then in this case that's an advantage, it means you'll get paired with someone fast! Family teams are very much encouraged for those with older children, aged 12 or over.

For under 12s we will have a separate race. Race with your brother or sister or one of your mates.

All welcome, any ability, all you need is a bike that will go off road, MTB, gravel or CX. A hybrid with slightly knobbly tyres would probably do the job too.

Racing from 6 and all done by 7ish.

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  • Count me in please Dave
  • Great idea, thanks. Anna F and I will ride as a team. I'm going to need a lot of snacks for this.

    Mark F.
  • This is shaping up nicely. So far we have the following confirmed and possibles:

    Dave H
    Archie B
    Dan and Erin
    Simon and son?
    Jenny and Joel?
    Archie F?
    Mark and Anna

    Family teams are grouped together, the rest will be decided on the day.

  • Sorry I can't make this, I'm working that evening. You might think it an advantage to be paired with someone fast but just remember that your turn to work hard comes round quicker if your partner is fast! You just end up racing for longer.
  • Sophie and Lottie will do the U12 event, and Suzie may do it if she’s feeling up to it.
  • Some withdrawals and some additions so as of today, in ranking order:

    Pool A

    Archie B
    Archie F?

    Pool B

    Dave H
    Martin H
    Martin L

    Family Teams

    Dan and Erin
    Stuart and Suzie?
    Mark and Anna

    U12s - not ranked
    Son of Simon?

    Some unconfirmed so this can change and we also have an odd number. If we end up with odd numbers I'll fashion some sort of short cuts and rope in some U12s to make a super team partner for someone.

  • Good morning!

    Hope everyone is looking forward to tonights race. Just to let you know I'll be around this evening to provide any coaching help you need, especially for our novice riders. Tootle ladies if you fancy a ride around the course, or parts of the course, please let me know and we can arrange that.

    See you later!
  • Unfortunately Suzie won’t be able to take part this evening.
  • A great evening's racing last night.

    The U12s had a standard race format, 7 riders with some really close battles, none more than 2 twins that finished within yards of each other.

    The Adults and Youth madison race was fascinating, with a constant ebb and flow as the partnerships ran their course. Teams were either decided on family groups, with Erin and Dan Hall pipping Mark and Anna Fraser for that category, or by random selection.

    To make things fair, riders were seeded in to two pools and numbers were drawn randomly. Some strong pairings and some unexpected results.

    Pete D and Thomas A prevailed in the strongest pairing on paper. Pete who is always good for a lap and a fast starter and Thomas who is just fast. Honourable mentions to the other two podium places. Second, was Archie F who after a year long break from racing was persuaded to return and partnered Stuart A in his very first cyclocross race. Third was our youngest rider in the draw, Under 16 John with current club champ Ben.

    In all we had two riders racing their first cyclocross race and some their first of the year. I think this might become an annual fixture.

    1 - Gabriel
    2 - Logan
    3- Oscar
    4- Leo
    5- Henry
    6- Sophie
    7- Lottie


    1 - Pete/Thomas
    2 - Archie F/Stuart
    3 - Ben/John
    4 - Daniel D/Archie B
    5 - Sam/Brendan
    6 - Iain/Martin L
    7 - Tim/Martin H
    8 - Erin/Dan
    9 - Anna/Mark
  • Great intro to cyclocross, Sophie and Lottie loved it. Thanks for organising Dave.
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