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Ps please put up if interested to gauge numbers ;-)


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  • I thought the weather was going to be dry so I went out and on the bike and got totally soaked through lol... I should have zwifted! mc
    in Zwift - TT Thursday Comment by MC July 5
  • Nice one guys - felt pretty flat when started but wound it up nicely. Stayed with my bunch for 3 laps. First race that this has happened... mc
  • Indeed! There is no way to keep up in the lead bunch. I have my body weight registered at approx 90 kg and I think the algorithms are against you! mc
  • Stef - will text later too but September now appears to be the holiday month for us. the Whole COVID issue has of course put a complete spanner in the works. It looks like I will not be able to go. mc
  • Just scraped pulling a reasonable time but struggled as my son walked off with the fan :-0 very hot... mc
  • Indeed a tight knit bunch. Chris - 321w / Dan - 308w nice... mc
  • Im in ;-)
  • Well done those guys that did the evening TT. Power up a little from last TT, went probably too hard in the first half. BUt managed to come back in the last 2-3 k. I saw Steve and Buky... CCA ! mc
  • Back on it again tonight - c u there in virtual land! mc
  • Strange gents, can’t find the route. I’m level 16 so I thought I would have it...?!? mc
  • Im in for this evening come hell or high water! See you there who is in? mc
    in Zwift - TT Thursday Comment by MC June 4
  • Thanks Emma and good idea! mc
  • Feeling pretty tired folks I took the bike out for a spin instead... I know... I know... a "real" bike lol. mc
  • I’m in :-) mc
  • Have a good one all, I need to get the rest of my hedge planted and then spin out on the bike later. mc
  • PS im in for this evening ;-) C U there... mc
    in Zwift - TT Thursday Comment by MC May 14
  • That was great fun (in apain sort of way), no Ed last night in the group - not sure if he was riding..? Power up this week but not a PB, still trying to find the elusive 300w for 20 mins... Close but no cigar! Currently I am using the racing as po…
  • Catch you later Dan! Will book it now... mc
  • Good - finally fixed the Apple TV bugette... also added extra training workouts. mc
    in Zwift updates Comment by MC May 2
  • Strong riders above... Tim at the top -> 5.1w/kg! Wowzers. Nicely done all!!! Look forward to the next scuffle with Ed lol! mc
    in Zwift - TT Thursday Comment by MC May 1
  • Good man - c u there in a virtual way lol mc
    in Sun virtual club run Comment by MC May 1
  • I'm in for tonight folks... just looking to see what route we have??? mc
  • Tricky course that with the rises around the back of the course ;-) Stef was going like a steam train! Well done Ed I think you were right in the group too! mc
  • GWS Matt ;-) Definately the case of more the merrier on these things. This is great fun and remember dead quick and easy to get to and from the races lol mc
  • Selected the BC race - see you there this evening ;-) mc
  • Yep I ended up as UPG too in my race... selected the wrong group by the look of things. I ended up about 31/219. mc
  • ...yes defo food to bring with me next time! mc
  • I ended up doing the next race, that was tough as it was about an hour. Enduring high output for a longer period of time was exhausting... Got into a good high C low B set of riders and bubbled around 270w. Only trouble is I need to work on a my fi…
  • ...Apple TV crashed :-( I was last on the grid so bailed stationary. Tech is great when it’s working but annoying when it’s not. mc
  • Nice one Matt on the position. Really good that you stayed on for the next hour or so... Next time I go over an hour in Zwift land and do the longer rides I must remember to take fuel and extra drink to the pain cave... like you would on a normal l…