CCA Hill Climb Champs Sunday 4 October 9.30am ///// CC Ashwell CX... next race in October

2019 Training Rides Yorkshire/Durham.

Well that went well. 1st ride since early November. 40 miles at 13. Nice weather here from next weekend onwards so planning a couple more.
In Herts this week so planning to chat with Mark about dates up here for Italian trip.
More later. .


  • Mark has suggested the first training ride for the May bank holiday weekend which should give most an opportunity to do 3 days so May 4th 5th and 6th Saturday to Monday. Any takers?
  • nice day. did 54 miles at 13 mph 3500ft so happy with that. Need to speed up but its early days yet. hope you all had a good ride today.
  • another stunning day. Managed a short one. 34 miles 2500ft. same speed. Getting there slowly. Might be up to speed by the time you get here in May :-)
  • A lot of climbing geoff! Jealous
  • No need Nat. Just roll up here and enjoy. Just the petrol :-)
  • Got out for a 40mile ride yesterday. Snow everywhere today. 8.15 start with some ice but warmed up later.
  • Cheeky 44miles this morning. Now down in radwell. Much to sort On the development..Down for the week so hoping to get a ride in if things go well.
  • got a couple of recent rides....Friday was a windy easterly ride out towards North York Moors. 43 miles out against an average 17mph and 40miles return via Northallerton
    Monday with Jeremy P. (who sends his regards) 46 mile hilly in Cumbria.Not fast but good miles. Getting the fitness is going to be hard this year.
  • 40miler planned today finishing at Richmond when I collect car. Always a good ride.
  • Planning 3 days Sunday to Tuesday as weather looks good. A 90miler and 2 x 50mile routes.
  • My route today was a 50 miler.
    this will be our first route next training weekend Mark. 95miler tomorrow and a 50 miler Tuesday
  • @geoffg Great thanks Geoff, looking forward to it :-)

    See you soon
  • did the 95 mile route . Going to earn brownie points today and help around the farm. Think 2 days on the trot enough this time of year.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday look to be good so going to recce some routes for next training weekend in June.
  • Geoff - heads up - mid-July is a clash with dates in the club...
    Namely grasstrack on the Saturday so I will look at the dates over the bank hol and sort out. June - I am aiming for Sat / Sun and Mon - does that work for you Geoff?

  • fine by me Mark. That's 2nd to 4th now not 1st to 3rd? Jeremy was going to do Saturday
    2nd only as it was a long day. Will now be a shorter ride to allow for you to get up; Sunday will be a long day out and Monday will be a shorter one to allow you to get back.
    what about the July dates I proposed earlier?
    Just let me know.
    Doing a long ride tomorrow. 50 miles today and weather perfect.
  • Sorry Mark. Got dates wrong. 1st to 3rd June is Saturday to Monday. Asyou already posted. Jeremy is up for the sunday 2nd. All good then.
    Letmeknow July dates when agreed.
    Anyone else coming Up?
  • Cheers Geoff - Monday booked off on holiday in June.

    Sat to Monday.
    Will take a look a the July dates over the weekend.

  • Got the Monday booked off too, so will be coming up with MC if he'll have me again!

    Anyone else coming up for some climbing miles?
  • edited May 2019
    Saturday 1st to 3rd June
    Day 1 Saturday ride 50 miler Just under 3000ft
    Day 2 Sunday 80 miler 7000ft
    I've upped the mileage It;s now 80 miles and 7000ft climbing day 2. Weather is possible light rain with a southerly wind around 20mph so should push us over Grinton,Tan Hill and Stang Temp promising 19 deg so should be ok.
    Day 3 Monday we can do an easy route out and back. Weather wise it's the best day so with luck we can get 50 miles in.
  • Thinking day2 needs an extra 20-30miles?
    Route to Reeth looks good.
    Perhaps from there we ride up Swaledale and back over Tan Hill/Stang?
    See how folk feel at the caff.
  • Maybe Jeremy. There are 6000ft climbing in this ride and it's early doors for the training. The climb over Grinton moor from the south is tough and then the cafe stop for a chance to review. Low row before the Stang are another two tough climbs to finish.
    Remember we will have done 4500 ft day 1 and still have a ride day 3.
    It's an easy thing to add a loop and climb from Reeth stop so let's see how everyone feels then.
  • The weather up here for those 3 days is looking promising. A little westerly breeze but warm with sunny periods and little risk of rain. Perfect. See you soon
  • Okay everyone. I've seen the route profile. Day 2 this weekend will be longer. We need to bite the bullet and prepare .
    You need to understand what 3 consecutive days of 10000ft climbing feels like. I can emulate the total height and duration up here, but obviously not the altitude.
    Please try to get up for either the July or August weekends and I will ensure you have the rides to give you an indication of where you are with your preparations.
    This is a total of 51000ft in 524 miles if we take the option of a shorter day 6 as suggested by Martin.
    This is harder than Paris Nice but should be a ride to stay with you lifelong...that's if we survive!!!
    Any more takers for this weekend...plenty of space for you.
  • edited May 2019
    going to post up 6 selected rides which should form the basis of our final two weekends up here.
    July Weekend
    Day 1 105 miles 10000ft.........
    Day 2 101 miles 4500ft...........
    Day 3 78 miles 7500 ft...........
    August weekend
    Day 1 94 mile 8600ft...........
    Day 2 86 mile 8000ft...........
    Day 3 61 mile 6000ft...........

    I appreciate the final 3 rides are short on climbing but if we try to go a bit harder they should help set you up for Italy. If you look at the profiles they cover some of the characteristics of the long ascents
  • Thanks Geoff - appreciate the effort for putting the routes together ;-)

  • I've edited the routes for this weekend. Check the thread above for details.
  • Great to see Mark and Alistair up here. I opted to only do 60miles onday2. Jeremy led them around the 20mile extension. Monday's out and back Was a tough 40miler at 4000ft including a long straight up 20% section.20 to30 mph winds on the return didn't help.
    I'll let them tell their own stories
  • Thanks again Geoff for your hospitality - the training was spot on. One word: tough.
    Good to get and get away from things and focus solely on the training / cycling.

    Great to see you Jeremy, see you in the near future.

    ...looking forward to the next time. Not often you do a ride where it is 1000ft of climbing per 10miles. This matches Italy day 1 so it gives a good feel of what to expect... Time to lose some body weight so I can get up those hills!

  • To echo what MC another fantastic trip, with fantastic riding. I'm feeling so strong after these trips and they are hard and will help prepare you for anything (I have the maratona to look forward to).

    Thanks for having us Geoff and MC driving, much appreciated.
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