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Prudential Ride London 2020

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I seem to have got a place for the first time this year !! Any general Top Tips for Tim wd be really appreciated....from logisitics point of view ...etc... :)


  • Congrats Skelders! Say you will complete the ride very quickly - 4:20 estimated so you get a nice early start. You'll get pulled along and can sit in wheels or at least avoid the queues up Leith Hill. Be prepared for a very early start. I booked parking at Lea Valley Ice Rink then rode to start (about 20mins easy - note was dark!) Then prepared route back from finish (30mins steady) i used a bin bag gilet before start as it's warm once in the pen with everyone else. Assume a lot of people are idiots and generally ride defensively/ be VERY clear with comms. I drove down on the morning as stayed in Harlow with parents, you have to go to Excel the day for race pack the before which is a massive may want to stay in London - i'll leave costs for you to decide. It was great fun on the day though.
  • Well done Skelders - it's a great day out! I've done it a few times, and there's honestly no better way to ride through London at crazy speeds on the wrong side of the road. Still not managed to break the 4 hour barrier though, after I got two punctures last year - take a couple of tubes, and don't rely on CO2! Also, take enough food and drink if you're planning on a quick time - you could waste a lot of time in the traffic of feed stations. Most importantly, when they ask you for your predicted finish times, be ambitious - you will go faster than you ever thought possible, and the closer to the front you start, the quicker the ride tends to be...

    Once again, I've not managed to get a place in the ballot - I'd be up for a team place again if we get offered any places please - I have unfinished business with that 4 hour barrier...!
  • I'm also up for a team spot if we get one.
  • Gents, that is really helpful, thank you. I had obviously read your previous reviews on the ride but wasnt sure on logistics.... will look into it today. Cheers
  • It's a brilliant day out. Don't have much to add to what Chris and Dave said. Bring two of the largest water bottles available if you want to avoid stopping. Starting early is key. The logistics are a bit of a nightmare (excel the day before, and the early start) but it is worth it. I've failed to get a place in the ballot for the 8th year in a row, but luckily have done it through the club places. I knew you'd be back Dave - you can break that 4 hour mark!
  • I've got a place. Done it once before. Great day out. Last time I picked up starter pack for another rider as well as myself, happy to do the same again.
  • I'd like a place in team ballot if the Club applies again this year. Not sure how or who applies on behalf of the club?
  • I would be interested in a place if one is available through the club.
  • Taff and I have done this a few times. Stayed in London the night before for a less so early morning and short cycle to the start. Both times we got quite drunk the night before though, which didn’t help. Be prepared for lots of wheel suckers. Not many people like to do any work at the front of groups. Make sure you got enough in the tank for a fast finish back through London.
  • Done it a few times through ballot and club. Would agree with most of what has been said. Go for early start is a must. We have been coming back into London around Kingston way and seen massive tailbacks of very slow riders who late start still heading out.
    We parked in an NCP one which they recommend which was equidistant between start and finish which was very easy to drive to with the early start. It is good fun but there is some very questionable riding. You need your wits about you. You could also get diverted or severely delayed for bad weather or accidents but if it all goes right a memorable and fun day on the bike.
    Stef as club chair organised the team entries. So now Emma?
  • Lots of Top Tips, thank you, have booked a hotel for the Saturday near the start :-)
  • the Club Challenge application process took place in April last year. Info hasnt been updated for this year yet, I guess it will be similar again late March/April before we hear anything.

    Someone needs to coordinate the entry. In the past they have said it needs to be a club official but its not clear if thats really the case or not.
  • Hi Stef, thanks for sorting it in the past- seeing as I've benefitted from your services previously, I'd be happy to take on the coordination role- do I need to get in touch with them, or do we just sit tight and wait for contact in April?
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    Thanks Dave. Just have to wait for contact! We should get an email at some point but can also keep an eye on the website. It’s not been updated since 2019 yet.
    Club challenge
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