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Zwift - Race Tuesday

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Let's race...

British Cycling Race Series, 19:30, Tuesday 24th. 17k.. no more the half an hour workout.

Sign-up in your category, all cats start together.

Don't forget to get yourself on ZwiftPower so we can get club results.



  • Blow away the lockdown blues... We're off to Watopia! No dispersed crowds here, it's bunch riding all the way!
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    Will it still be 8pm, or now most of us at home will it be earlier?
  • I'm in Matt.

    Skelders, it's at 7:30
  • Race is a BC event at 7:30
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    Oh, thanks guys
  • Bugger missed it by seconds :-(
  • Doing my own thing now!
  • That was hard!! Great to have CCA in the field even if didn't see anyone!!

    Well done Dan on first race. Waiting for ZP for results now...
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    Oww, every time I race on there I think it's got harder - was that even worse than normal?! I guess there's a whole nation of frustrated racers with nothing better to do than rip my legs off... I was waiting for the hill and it never came...
  • one word - brutal.
  • British Cycling Race Series

    CatB 38th Brendan Ronayne (CCA)CCA 22:55
    CatB 41st Dave Wells (CCA) CCA 23:01
    CatB 50th Matt Scales (CCA)CCA 23:43
    CatC 66th Daniel Hall (CCA)CCA 27:18

    Looks like Dan had some technical issues with new kit.
  • I've tried to list myself as HNCC/CCA - which comes up in Zwift but not in ZP for some reason. However - CatA John Curtin 22.57 - I was close to Brendan at the finish!
  • Cheers John. Nice one
  • Cheers Matt, a few tech issues (not 4mins worth though) that I hope to sort today.
  • BC TT on Thursday @ 7.30 anyone’s?
  • Yep, saw that John.. club 10?
  • Will try and get racing with you soon guys. i've been struck down with a brutal cold and exercise is definitely not helping - hopefully good to go next week! Hope is everyone is safe and well!
  • If we want to keep the club-10 to a Wednesday evening (as tradition) there is one at 19:00 tonight - Newbury Velo Club-10. Or perhaps if we are racing on Tuesday night we could skip a night and do the club-10 on a Thursday as John suggested? But it would be nice to have an unofficial CCA club-10 on fixed day each week so that as many as possible from the club take part in the same one.
  • Agree Brendan, a fixed day for a 10 is good.
    I think the BC series, Tues Race, Thursday TT works well during this period.
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    BC Race Series - 19:30 - Tuesday 31st March.
  • Addicted - I'm in!
  • 6 up so far, any more takers for tonight's race?
  • Get yourself in Cat B Dan. It's gonna be messy!
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    An outrageously hard race around Innsbruck, with 160m climbing (2 ascents of 'The Hill') making it a bit of a slog fest. I was rubbing elbows with Brendan, Dan and Dave for first couple of Km before I pegged it back to stop myself blowing up, watching everyone drift away ahead of me. I settled into a pace I thought I could sustain and caught Dan at the start of the hill on the first lap. The second half of the race seemed to go by much quicker (thankfully) and my constant tempo meant I also caught Nick on the hill on lap 2. A flash of Mr Wells my rider tracker just before the end but no chance of catching him, despite all the fake news about legs already gone from ride earlier today!!!

    Final results to follow...
  • Great racing everyone, I went out way too hard, need to pace it better next time, cant wait for next Tuesday.
  • It's so hard to keep track of people and figure out which group you need to get into at the start. I was convinced you were all ahead of me and dropped me on the first hill. I was blowing up trying to catch up, and then when I resigned myself to being left behind, I realised you were right beside me all along! Tough race. Not sure where I finished.
  • It was a tough race - not my favourite climb which seems to go on and on - and then its hard to hang on as the competition sprints away down hill. I'm in the bottom of the A Cats (only because I exceeded the power for the Bs on one occasion) and could only see the A cats on the course. Could we only see our own Cats? The group results are slow to come up but I came 72nd in the A Cats with 22.57 which was just behind Brendan & ahead of Dave - although I didn't see either of them.
  • Hard one that! I hate that hill. Can’t let up when over the top either as you can still keep getting dropped. Managed to stay with the front group until the final climb when it broke up.
    Showed I finished 20th on zwift. Zwift power hasn’t come up with the race yet.

    Tip: don’t join late, get in early and get to the front of the pack. Other wise you end up starting back in the 100s and playing catch up from the start.
  • Graham, 20th is very impressive. Well done.
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