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Zwift - TT Thursday

British Cycling TT League every Thursday at 19:30. 10 mile effort. Get training for when the roads reopen!

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  • 4 signed up already.
  • Will aim for next week Matt, I've stated a training plan on Zwift and probably need something a bit gentler on my legs than my last two zwift efforts
  • School boy error of not selecting TT bike! Good to get into the TT groove tho.
  • I saw some people with pointy helmets. Where do you get them?
    I did 23:50. Must be a slow course? :-)
  • Yeah, not fast. 25:00 for me. Pointy helmets must be in the garage but prob need certain level or award!! Will try again next week and see how much quicker a TT bike is.
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    Sorry for the no-show, despite signing up- blame Adam and Mitchy for ripping my legs off in the morning - two races on the same day is a step beyond me...
  • I started but Zwift was stuck on 172w despite me going full power off the line & my Garmin showering 375-400! It’s happened before & I think it might be a Bluetooth conflict as it didn’t happen with my previous Garmin which was Ant+ only. I was going backwards fast so bailed. Hopefully next week!
  • Matt Wilmington -Icknield RC - has compiled the results from last night’s TT for CCA, HNCC & IRC in a spreadsheet. I’ve put it on the Nomad’s FB but cannot copy it here as it’s a JPG file. Is there any way to post it here?
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    John, you just need to host the image in a image share site like Flickr, then you can post here.... You can email it to me and I'll post.
  • Don't forget to join in for TT Thursdays... Might treat myself to a Cervelo P5 for it!!!
  • Finally starting to feel myself again so i'll be back on it, will see what a hard session does for me!
  • Ouch! Cracked big time 4k from the end and was running on empty!!! Well done all. Will get the results up from ZP
  • I had a go in C category. I’ve “- CCA” after my name, and hope I sorted ZP ok :)
  • Great turnout, 8 CCA riders...

    Graham Askew 23:13
    John Curtin 23:31
    Chris Potter 23:35
    Dave Wells 23:52
    Brendan Ronayne 23:54
    Matt Scales 24:34
    Ed Nelson 25:45
    Mark Fraser 27:03

    Ed, Request to join the CCA team on Zwift Power.
  • Great race everyone - good to see you Graham in passing - I just couldn’t hand on to the back of you as you incremented up the road. I see the group results are still not up on ZP - it must be overloaded! Matt Wilmington IRC has undertaken to compile the inter-club results.
  • Super strong from everyone, that was really bloody hard work, give me the club 9.2 any day
  • CCA team is looking healthy..

  • I'm still C!
  • Interclub results..

  • Thanks for posting/to those that compiled!

    I found it super hard to gauge gradient and get gearing right. Any tips much appreciated. I ended up staring at the % incline figure and if it ticked beyond +\- 1% I’d change gear. A few times I spun out or got fatigued from trying to turn too big a gear.
  • Didn't realise I'd been upped to B...! In any case haven't raced for some time cos of my leg so wouldn't even scrape into D right now. Recovery is going well though, so looking forward to joining you all on these at some point!
  • Glad you're recovering Tim. Look forward to you joining
  • I’m in for the BC TT on Thursday ;-)

  • You've been sucked in MC!! See you there!
  • I’ve got the bug... looking forward to Tuesday race, Thursday TT and then a longer watopia style ride on Sunday. This works very well.

    Thanks Matt for advising on how to get into this!

  • Theres a BC ride on Sunday at 10am, 90mins if anyone fancies it.
  • Zwift Power Team CCA results
  • Look out Chris- if you keep churning out that power to weight ratio, they'll upgrade you to the A's...
    'That's' my excuse for keeping it slightly underpowered... 😉
    That was hard (as always)- didn't notice till just before the start that it was a lumpy Yorkshire course, not the flat London one I was expecting. And as Jenny pointed out, the celebratory holiday G&T shortly before the race, may not have helped...
    Happy Easter everyone!
  • Lol! I like how you role Dave!!!
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