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Entrants for Wednesday 19th August Evening 10TT on the Footdown F14/10 course

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As I'll be away on holiday shortly, I wanted to help out @Stuart F - who will be organising the last two races - by posting this.

Same arrangement as previously: please post if you wish to ride. Entry payment via BACS to CCA's bank account - details on request. It's up to @Stuart F, but if we say up to 4.00 p.m. on the night, he can advise if he wants last entry any earlier :-)

Please read and review the original announcement of a resumption of TT racing including IMPORTANTLY counter-measures against Covid-19 aligned with CTT's risk assessment. See the original announcement HERE. STAY SAFE.

Mr. Marriage, did you keep the no. 10 start number again please?

All the Best.


  • Hi. Adam Swan. Paid for this event and the following week.

    Thank you.
  • Ellie Mitchinson and Dave Mitchinson (separate entries this time please as Will has kindly offered to chaperone Ellie) - just logging on to pay now.
  • Ethan Storti please. Paid for the last 2 events. Thanks.
  • I would like to ride this one please rob
  • Yes please, will pay soon, thanks
  • Me too please
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    Stuart do you need helpers still? Happy to do so but would like to log a time on this course if there is already enough people. Give me a shout - cheers
  • Ella friedlander entry for 19th August please. I will ride behind.
  • Yes please to ride this one - paid.
  • I can help out if needed.
  • Yes please to ride. Could be a bit attritional! Paid. Thanks!
  • Love to ride and big thank you to the helpers
  • Hi I would like to ride this week.
  • Please add me to the start list. Will sort payment this evening. Thanks.
  • would like to ride, have paid. (may drop out if its raining ...)
  • Would like to ride thanks
  • Hi can some one point me in the direction of the bacs information. Have had my second claim membership approved so good to go apart from paying. Nice to be an Ashwell member again
  • Hi Garret. The bank details are right. Maybe a glitch with the system. Give it an hour or two and try again. Hope to see you tomorrow.
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    By the way all... the big hole has been fixed. I went over it at high speed and it's now fine.

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    Would like to ride, have paid. (Matt Suggit)
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    Hi All

    I make it 16 riders so far.

    Cut off for entries will be 4o/c tomorrow.

    Forecast says 50% chance of rain with a brisk southerly.

    We need min of 3 helpers to run this one. I will set up all signs but will need a marshal at the foot down turn with a car so the signs can be collected and returned to the hall. Brendan yes thank for the offer of help. Chris thanks for the offer but hopefully you can ride as I think David Jones has said he will be able to help?

    Some things to remember when riding this course.

    Toll bar foot down. You must stop unclip and put 1 foot down before proceeding onto the main road. No rolling through and tapping the foot down.

    The left turn at Wrestlingworth X roads. You must not cross the white line on the approach to the turn or on the exit of the turn. If there is an observer on this corner and you are seen doing this it will be a DQ. BE SAFE.

    Helpful to call you number when you go through the finish.

    Make sure you have a working rear light.

    The sign on this week and next will NOT be from the boot of the car. It will be at the village hall outside the doors to the hall. The hall will not be open.

    Please see the previous post about the COVID rules.

    Any questions please ask.

  • Hi Stuart, can I have a ride please? Although say if you need more marshalls... Cheers, Dave.
  • Hi Stuart, I’d like to ride please, will pay now. Thanks, Matt
  • I'd like to ride tonight please.
  • Membership, done. Ride fee, done. Mark Wilsher.
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    I'd like to ride tonight please!
  • Ok thanks Stuart, put me down to ride and i'll pay now - if help's required then i'll roll money over to next week and marshal- cheers
  • Up to 20 now with one person pulled out.

    The forecast remains the same. If you are thinking of not riding can you let me know so I don't have too many gaps on the start sheet.

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    OK so we have 20 riders for this

    Numbers are pre allocated and sign on sheet will be pre filled

    1 Ellie M
    2 Ella F
    3 James D
    4 Stephen O
    5 Dave M
    6 Richard G
    7 Trevor l
    8 JennyA
    9 Roert B
    10 Steve D
    11 Taff
    12 Mark Wilsher
    13 Dave W
    14 Matt S
    15Adam S
    16 Martin L
    17 Gareth D
    18 Jason S
    19 Cris P
    20 Matt Y
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