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***CCA Club Hill Climb Championship - Hatch Lane, Baldock - Sunday 4th October, first rider 09:31***

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Announcing the CCA Club Hill Climb to take place on the Chalk Hills/Hatch Lane course in Baldock off the London Road between Baldock and the A505 roundabout leading to the A1 on the morning of Sunday 4th October 2020, first rider off at 09:31. From the foot of the climb, just off London Road, the finish is on the bridge over the A505. 1st Claim CCA can compete for the Club Championships (Fastest Lady, Gent, Girls and Boys Junior/Youth etc. depending on entry).

In a COVID-world, including the new UK Government's "Rule of 6", we have the following regulations to put on this event, which are in line with the Risk Assessment “COVID-19 RA” issued 16/07/2020 and available on the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) website HERE, with additional measures deemed practical by the Club Committee:

• To ensure the Club’s ability to provide the ability to “track and trace” those who may have come into contact with persons who subsequently test positive for COVID-19 during these events, entries will be granted to 1st and 2nd Claim CCA members only – No guest riders please. Sorry!
• There will be NO entries on the morning. If you wish to ride, please announce yourself by responding to this Forum post. The date and time for close of entry is 9:00 p.m. on Saturday 3rd October 2020.
• To avoid handling cash, entry fees will be cashless and paid in advance. Please pay the entry fee directly to the CCA bank account (details available on request if you don’t already have them) to cover CTT insurance. £5 for 2nd claim CCA members; £4 for 1st claim CCA members/2nd claim CCA member Juniors/Youth; £3 1st claim CCA member Juniors/Youth.
• Sign on will be from the boot of a car parked at the start of the course from about 9.00 a.m. If possible, please remember to bring your own pen.
• To reduce risk to organisers, all competitors start unclipped – there will be no “pushing off”.
• This event is organised under Cycling Time Trials (CTT) Regulations. New CTT Regulation 14(i) still applies: Compulsory Use of a working Red Rear Light (flashing or steady). NO LIGHT, NO RIDE. See CTT Guidance Note No. 24 HERE.
• In accordance with Cycling Time Trials (CTT) Regulation 16, competitors are still required to wear a race number. Race numbers will be provided at sign on. You will appreciate that this Rule is particularly tricky to apply in a COVID-19-safe way. Please do not pin a number to a fellow competitor unless you are both from the same household. For this reason, it is recommended that you wear a jersey so that you can pin on your own number. If you can bring your own safety pins, so much the better.
• The handling of used race numbers is a particular point of risk to race organisers. A washing bowl will be provided for returned race numbers and they will be safely disinfected by the organiser afterwards.

• You should not attend or compete if you feel ill in ANY way – even if your symptoms are not linked to COVID-19 – or if any of your family members have any symptoms linked to coronavirus, especially a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and/or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
• Those who are in a current age banding that government advice suggests should limit social contact/shield/practice social distancing are requested not to attend the event.

• Please be sensible when congregating for the start, bearing in mind the UK government's "Rule of 6". Current (as of 20.07.2020) UK government advice is that a group of any six people can meet outdoors at a distance of no less than 1 metre "with mitigations". However, you will appreciate that a recently finished competitor who is still breathing hard is best given a wider berth. Results will be announced at the top of the climb after the final rider has ridden the course. Please ensure social distancing (2+ metres) during this short, post-race announcement.
• For Youth/Junior riders (under 18), we will need a signed Parent/Guardian consent form to compete - one form covers the whole season, so if one has already been provided during the Wednesday night TTs during August 2020, you're good. However, if you need a form, this can be found HERE. However, NO FORM, NO RIDE.

Any questions, please shout! :-)


  • Thanks Andy. Having done 0 events or group rides so far this year I better enter this! So count me in please.
  • I’m working unfortunately, there’s some strong CCA riders out there, gets your names in.
  • OK, so interest so far is as follows:
    L. Swan (F) - Possible, depending on work schedule
    A. Swan
    M. Palmer
    Roll up!
  • L. Swan (F)
    A. Swan
    M. Palmer
    Martin L

    - I'll likely be up for a small 30-mile club run afterwards, looping back to Ashwell way, if the hill-climbers or anyone else fancies. I guess setting off from the bridge over the A505 at around 10am.
  • L. Swan (F)
    A. Swan
    M. Palmer
    Martin L
    Matt S
  • I should be ok to go. Thankyou
  • I’m in Andy. Cheers Rob
  • Also up for a ride after Martin.
  • Cd well be up for this as a late entry :)
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    Cd well be up for this as a late entry, someones got to come last 😂

    Maybe not so late, thought it was this morning 😂🤦🏼‍♂️, timings and directions not my strong point
  • Hi Andy, can you put me down for a place in the shredded legs grupetto please...
    Cheers, Dave.👍
  • Could both me and Ellie ride please. Cyclocross and drive back from lake district is good preparation isn't it?
  • Hi Mitchy, Yes, absolutely. You're both in.
  • I’ve managed to get cover for work, so count me in please!
  • Hi - can you add me too, thanks very much.
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    Looking at some of the reports from the Arkesden race, the list for the Champs is bubbling up nicely. Looking forward to some 45rpm action! :-) Any more for any more? Roll up!

    Will post a start list later this week, though Lillie goes off at no. 1.
    Lillie S. (F)
    Adam S.
    M. Palmer
    Martin L.
    Matt S.
    Rob B.
    Dave W.
    Keith L.
    Ellie M.
    Chris L.
  • Stick me down Andy please. Never done a hill climb before, so here goes!
  • Unfortunately I can no longer be there on Sunday, but good luck to all having a crack at it.
  • Hi Folks,
    Thanks for your patience. I’ll post a provisional start list tomorrow (Friday 2nd).
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    Hi Andy, regrettably I'm going to have to withdraw mate. I've got too much work I need to get on with at home and needs to get finished this weekend.
  • Hi Chris and Taff,
    No worries, guys. Make it next year, yes? Thanks for thinking of us. Weather looks sh*te anyway! :-)
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    OK, so here is a start list for Sunday, and some organisational bits and bobs.

    First up, a start list, as follows:
    1. Lillie S. (F) - 09.31
    2. Ellie M. (FJ) - 09.32
    3. Mark W. - 09.33
    4. Rob B. - 09.34
    5. Tim S. - 09.35
    6. Keith L. - 09.36
    7. Martin L. - 09.37
    8. Adam S. - 09.38
    9. Matt S. - 09.39
    10. Dave W. - 09.40
    11. Matt P. - 09.41
    12. Mitchy - 09.42
    Next, a weather forecast: expected light rain, 9 degrees Celsius and a fresh south-westerly headwind for the flatter TT section at the top! Character-building stuff! :-)

    Please pay the entry fee on-line, if you haven't already. Sign on will be from the boot of a car at the bottom of the climb.

    As there will be no pushing off (Covid safety measure), please practice clipping in as the road rises shortly after the first pedal stroke.

    Kit: I'll bring a load of plastic bags so you can stow kit for reclaim at the top. We can split the bags between my car and Jenny's, so if you're one of the first few to go, throw them in mine as I'll be timing the finish, or for later starters leave them with Jenny who will follow.

    Please make sure that you have a working rear light (flashing or steady) so that we have full compliance with the CTT Rules - new for 2020.

    The "rule of 6" applies, so please take care with "space"; don't line up too early - we will be in sight of residential housing and we have police authorisation for the race, so they could swing by. And at the top please divide into 2 groups of no more than 6 to hear an announcement of the results.

    If you have any questions, please shout.
  • Zwifting til 9 before jumping in the car I think!
  • That's my plan too! Then heater on full. Jump out with a minute to spare. Then miss the pedal clip, fall sideways into a bush.
  • I would like to ride this fun event. Please may I be added to the start list. Daniel
  • Hi Daniel. Yes, seen your message. You're in.
  • 1. Lillie S. (F) - 09.31
    2. Ellie M. (FJ) - 09.32
    3. Mark W. - 09.33
    4. Rob B. - 09.34
    5. Tim S. - 09.35
    6. Keith L. - 09.36
    7. Martin L. - 09.37
    8. Adam S. - 09.38
    9. Matt S. - 09.39
    10. Dave W. - 09.40
    11. Matt P. - 09.41
    12. Mitchy - 09.42
    13. Daniel D. - 09.43
  • Ella and me both up for a ride, even after checking the weather. But it's turn up, ride and go home I'm the car most likely.
    Ella will have completed consent forms for grass track earlier this year.
    Won't have a copy though. That ok?
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