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Belgium Beer!!

Hi All,

With hopefully a return to Club Runs being imminent together outdoor/indoor hospitality I thought I would put this idea out to gauge interest.

The plan would to have an trip out to Café Belge, Beachampton

Route to be finalised, but likely to be circa 100 miles with 1500m ish of climbing.

Possible date:
Sunday 18th April, coincides with Amstel Gold (yes, I know its not Belgium, but the classics will be pretty much over).

Let me know.


  • Yes from me
  • Would definitely be up for this. Fingers crossed my back will be fixed soon and I can get some miles in before hand.
  • Yep I'm up for this, though like Taff need to get some miles under the belt!
  • 18th I am in please Martyn
  • 18th still a bit away but I'd say I'm 99.99% in :grin:
  • Ok, bit of an update. I took a ride over to the Cafe last week, but there was no sign of activity and at the moment they are not responding to any messages.

    There are however other options, the farm shop in Mursley have said they would happy to see us at their Cafe after the 12th April and I have couple of others in mind.

    I will finalise the route and post after the weekend.

    If there are more than 6 we will split into groups as per the current club rules.
  • I saw the big ride you did on strava - nice one Martin ;-)

  • Hi MC,

    Are going to join us, all inclusive pace.
  • @Martinh hi Martin have you got the route file available? I want to do it but want to check for bail out points if I blow ;-)
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