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Zwift Racing League - Winter Series

28th September is the start date for the new WTRL Zwift Racing League.

Last winter we had both a Cat A and a Cat B team. It would be good to run the same again this year.

Just throwing it out there to gauge interest... Team registration open 1st September.


  • Keen for the abject misery that this entails
  • Yup I’m keen
  • I need to sign back up to Zwift
  • Dan, just use Erin's account and forget to change the weight setting.
  • Matt, I'm of course up for it and looking forward to some pain. Interestingly, when they put in big hills there is about a 20% drop in rider numbers. So we'll see what the course routes are this time around.
  • Cat B team please. Av it!
  • Martin, I'm sure you must have a dodgy power meter. I can't see how you can be a B. (Or perhaps I have.....)
  • edited August 20
    I'm in - cat B please
  • Cat B Team here too.
    Bring on more events with hilly courses, give the skinny gits a chance !
  • Thanks Matt, I’m in
  • @ChrisP that isn't selling it!!
  • Matts
    Yes please but Cat B tops for me.
    Is there a Cat C level?
  • Cat B for me please Matt! (managed to both gain weight and lower FTP through lack of training - result!!!)
  • I'm interested in joining this. I was Cat B last time I raced on Zwift.
  • Yes please, cat B.
  • Might be interested. CatB tops for me
  • Team registration opens today. Looks like good amount of interest for A and B teams. I will stick our registrations in.
  • Cheers Matt. A small question: can our team names have the word ‘Ashwell’ in it. Rather than just ‘CCA’? Better brand recognition. I’d suggest we add an animal in there too, like the Ashwell Aardvarks (we’d top the league alphabetically). But this might be a step too far. I was just a bit jealous of some of the Wolves and Pigeons in our league last time.Thanks for organising us!
  • Lol! Animal based names ahoy! Watch this space!... Ashwell Armadillos (A) and Ashwell Baboons (B) it is!!!
  • Ashwell Broncos ??
  • Buckling broncos!
  • Ashwell....
    Alpine Goats
    Bichon Frise'
    Bolognese Dogs

  • Ashwell; Alligators, Antelopes, Armadillos, Aurochs or Anchovies.
    Anyone care for a salty Ashwell Anchovy ?
  • Ok, the Baboon Bandits are registered with the UCI and are on the reserve start list for the Tour of Uzbekistan.
  • ...Sponsored by Alpecin... Because baboons want to keep their hair...
  • To maintain the primate, league letter and group theme the CC Ashwell Aye-Aye Army has now been registered!
  • Think the Aye-Ayes need a sponsorship deal with a manicure company...
  • Cheers Matt

    8 events, 6 Points races, 2 TTTs
    If we get requested leagues, start times should be 19:00 for both A and B... We shall see
  • There's a TTT to start us off so some practice beforehand would put us ahead of the game. Shall we see if we can get two groups together and perhaps a hare and hounds effort? I'm thinking next Tuesday 19:00?
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