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Wednesday 9.30am CCA club runs

As requested, a Sticky discussion thread for the Wednesday club run... ta!


  • Thanks Martin.
    We must post some Wednesday ride info each week.
  • There should be a group out on Weds 10th November, but no destination chosen yet.
  • There should be a group out Wednesday 17th, destination as yet undecided.
  • 17th wed A number of riders are planning to be out in the morning 9.30 @ Tuns
  • Should be a group on 24th, possibly to Harlington
  • I think some are heading out tomorrow, but not me.
  • Wednesday riders, I think Ade H rides with you? I have some kit for him but struggling to make contact, can you pass the message on please.
  • There should be a group out tomorrow 15th Dec.
  • Given the icy conditions this morning - Wednesday 22nd December - most riders have decided not to ride. It’s therefore unlikely to be a group out today.
  • New Year's Eve ride - all welcome for a club-paced ride to see out 2021. 9.30 from the Tuns. Router's here https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38263871
  • For Wednesday 5th Jan - Given the forecast of very cold temperatures overnight and a sub-zero windchill and only the odd Wednesday rider committed to an outdoor ride I have set up a Zwift group ride at 9am for 90mins (with all kept together) & invited those I know to be on Zwift. All are welcome & if you would like to be included follow me on the Companion App so I can invite you.
  • ** 10.00am. Start tomorrow (12th. Jan) **
  • There should be a group out Weds 19th Jan
  • edited February 2022
    There will be a group out tomorrow - Wednesday 2nd February at 9.30.With a strong Westerly it looks like a ride to the Kiln at Stewartby approx 50mi.
  • Should be a group out today, heading west.
  • A small group is planned to be out today 16th Feb - going west into the wind @ approx 40mi.
  • There should be a group out this morning
  • 50 mile loop to Little Hadham tomorrow at club pace with a cafe stop. Wind at our backs on the way home. 9.30 from the Tuns. All welcome.
  • Wd like to join plse 👍
  • Club run with cafe stop tomorrow. 9.30 from the Tuns. See you there.
  • Wednesday 23rd Looks like Blue Train off to St lves hopefully guided bus way back
  • Think I’ll join you today 😎
  • yep certainly was seemed everyone had that spring feeling, legs and arms out on show l ended up with gps 74.5 miles @17.5 may well be back in winter gear next week but hai ho make hay while the sun shines
  • Usual Wednesday club run tomorrow. Route to be confirmed. Cafe stop and chat included. So +/- 50 miles and a 9.30 start from the Tuns.
  • 50 mile loop via Duxford is the plan for tomorrow. 9.30am from the Tuns. All welcome.
  • Anyone heading out tomorrow? I've got the day off and actually might ride my bike for a change. 🤣
  • Yes Taff we're heading out St Neots way 50ish with coffee stop
  • Usual club run tomorrow. 9.30 am from the Tuns. All welcome.
  • Assume it’s business as normal today for this ride ?
  • Usual club run tomorrow. 9.30 am from the Tuns. All welcome.
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