Club Zwift Mondays!

Monday Night Zwift Session 8pm...

...Kicking off tomorrow (5th Oct)...

Join us for an inclusive club ride and chat. This will be a regular feature over winter and replaces the Roller sessions which unfortunately cannot be run .

We will mix this up with a variety of workout sessions and maybe a club race or two... Can chat more as we go.

Invite to all coming soon.


  • Chat on the discord app...
  • Great idea Matt- can't make tomorrow night, but if I can change my Pilates class to an earlier slot in future, I'll definitely be up for it...
  • Just over an hour last night with MC, Dan and myself. Me and MC doing a normal ride and Dan killing himself doing a "Jon's Short Mix" workout whilst still in our little group on the 'road'.

    Chat working well on discord despite Dan's ferocious fan.

    See you next week.
  • Good session and worked well in Zwift land on a damp, dark Monday night.

  • Is it possible to ride with others, but follow your own training plan at the same time without getting dropped or speeding off?
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    Yes Brendan, this is what Dan did. Once you have joined the ride... Menu.... Workouts... Off you go. When the group ride starts your workout starts so best to join with a minute or 2 to go.
  • Next week I'll organise a 1 hour 5 minute ride to allow for a 60 minute workout for those wanting to do that. Alternatively, just join for a steady ride... Win-win
  • Thanks Matt. Will try that. Will it always be at 8pm? Is there any appetite to have it a little earlier? I'm usually starving by 8pm, but don't want to eat before a workout!! 😂
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    Hi Matt, will defo be up for this, i'll try not to get lost this time.... yes, i even managed to get lost on a Zwift ride back in Feb 😐
    havent the comms bit either so will give that a go too...
  • Brendan, we can look at something a bit earlier, maybe discuss when regulars have formed and take a view on what works.

    MC has a map skelders, I'm sure he can send you a photocopy!!!!

    See you there!
  • 😃🤣
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    See on there later!

    Does this have the elastic band on it?
  • Yep, nice and tight!

    See you there
  • 6 out... Me, Dan Brendan, Dave, Taff & Vince. Roaming the fields of France... Good chatting on discord... Vince, Taff... we need to get u set up for next time
  • Harrogate this week. Ride a 1 hr club ride or set your own workout from the menu screen after you join ride.
  • C u there too!
    Flu jab last week so missed it feeling a little cranky.

  • MC we missed you.

    4 out, me, Dan, Dave and Vince. Brendon almost made it, doing his own thing in the end. Vince got his thumbs to do as they are told, logging in to discord and joining in the bants!

    Good fun
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