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  • I've just taken delivery of a Canyon bike but don't have space to keep the box (all spare space is taken up with bikes!) so it is available free to a good home. I'm happy to keep it until next weekend but, if I get no takers by then, it'll be recycl…
  • Thanks Scott. Yeah, maybe I just need to get a 36 or 38 for cross next season - it's hardly difficult to swap a chainring, after all. According to that table, 40/14 is 5cm below the max for U12, so that sounds good - though 40/13 is 1cm over the max…
  • All paid up. Simple enough but had to do 4 separate transactions - if only I could have put the four memberships into a basket and checked out once... and if that meant a single £1 fee, so much the better!
  • Does anyone know what is happening with this order? I paid for a jersey and bibs back in October and I'm still waiting. I've received a confirmation mail from Endura saying that the club had placed my order at the time and another in December saying…
  • Thanks Sallie. The boys will be pleased that the 25th is still on; they are loving the series!
  • From facebook it looks like the round on the 25th has been cancelled and the one on the 4th March has been moved to the 11th. Is that correct?
  • I'll third that. From the planning to the way it was run on the day - it was all fantastic. While I was a bit disappointed with my ride, the fault was all mine - the course itself was great; varied, interesting and challenging. Thanks to all involv…
  • Does anyone know if this likely to happen (given the forecast...)? I accidentally booked myself in the vets race at Redbridge tomorrow PM (since the kids will be down there in the morning) so I need to know whether I can use the grasstrack as a val…
  • Hi Steve, Thanks for that. The cassette already on there is 11-32 but it it 11-12-14-etc,. so I've had to lock off that bottom 2. If yours is 11-13-etc., that would make my lad really happy. I'll try to track you down tomorrow morning! Cheers, S.
  • Thanks Scott. I've just looked and the problem seems to be that Iestyn's cassette goes from a 12 (which is actually a fair bit over 5.4) to a 14 (which is about 5m). I guess that he will have to race with a low top gear then as I doubt I will get an…
  • Excellent news! I'm looking forward to it... though not as much as if you were to include an adult novice race... ;-)
  • Yes, fantastic photos Nathaniel - even the one of my eldest after he came off on the gravel in the final U-turn (though he picked himself up and made sure he came across the line in third before coming to me!). By the way, thanks to the lady who was…