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WTRL Zwift Racing League

I have set up 'CCA Racers' as a Cat A race team with WTRL. I have set myself up as the manager and the captain!... Don't know what that means but think I will be sent the sign on links for those wanting to race.

To take part you must be on Zwift Power and a member of CC Ashwell Team. You must also have your height and weight on your Zwift Profile and race with a HRM.

We are registered to the EMEA W league and I think racing on Tuesdays at 7:45pm...

Watch this space!


  • Nice one Matt.
  • great stuff cheers Matt, looking forward to it
  • Well done Matt! And thanks for doing it as an 'A' team, much appreciated! (And I think it'll be good for everyone regardless of whether they currently race in A or not- I found it stretched me in a good way (still does!).
  • Definitely up for this. Richmond I think is one of the hardest courses.
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    Ok, I have the sign up link for Tuesdays 32k Richmond race. A's off at 19:52.

    If you want to race tomorrow (27th) put your name here. Need minimum of 3 and Max of 6...

    I will then forward you the sign-on link and other instructions.

    Matt S
  • any tips for the course Matt P?
  • Hi - I’ve just joined Zwift, and keen to get involved in some racing. I’m struggling though as my Garmin HR monitor is ANT+ only, and none of the android devices in the house have this built in. Any ideas of what to do, or do i need to just invest in a HR monitor with Bluetooth to be able to race?

    Based on my FTP, I’d be in A, so could join this team, but I might need a bit of advice re tactics.

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi Chris,
    I'm no technical expert, but in the past to get laptops and android tablets to work, I used Ant+ usb dongles, they seem to do the job and were about a fiver online...
  • Yep ant+ dongle for a Windows machine. Not sure about connecting android devices tho.
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    By the way, for those thinking about it, I am a B, and racing up in A... just prepared to get spat out but I might last a lap or 2!

    So far...

    Matt S
    Matt P
  • Chris - I run Zwift on my Android tablet, and came up against the same problem, I don't think it supports Ant+ at all. I bought one of these cheap-ish bluetooth HRMs:
    I can highly recommend it, has worked flawlessly and still on the original battery after more than a year.
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    Richmond thoughts. Flat for around 2/3rds nice and easy. Then all hell breaks loose. Intervals time. Libby Hill (1st of three). In theory the hardest, I take it as easy as I can go up to the cobbles and then full on, don't ease up over the top, keep going until down hill. Then recover until the next punch, short sharp, but rarely an issue as long as not chasing back on. The 3rd rise is where I struggle as it is a relentless drag even after the big left corner. Got dropped off the front group last week on that climb! Then the draggy straight to the finish whilst attempting to recover for the sprint.

    Search World Champs Sagan Richmond on YouTube for the true masterclass.
  • Matt, should I have a link to enter?
  • Details sent to Dan, Dave and Matt P.

    Please do not forward to anyone else. We have 2 spots available if anyone fancies joining in, let me know and I can send you sign on info.
  • i'm in, how do i join with you guys?
  • You have DM
  • Not feeling well enough at the mo. Will have to wait till next week.
  • Looking good for four of us so far on tonight! Interesting, looking at the signups for the A race- there's as many if not more B racers than A's, so it could break up quite a bit...
  • 5 entered. Will be on discord 7:40 ish to chat tactics.. or how tired my legs are after decorating all day!!
  • I'll give it a shot mate. Not feeling 100%, but at least I'll work up a sweat.
  • What's this discord? That an app?
  • Yes Taff get signed up!!! Discord is a free app (big in the gaming world, I think), that lets you chat with your team on headphones while you're racing. I think Matt previously put details of how to sign in one another Zwift thread. The big Zwift teams use it as race radio with their directors...
  • The link to Matt's Discord channel:
  • Thanks for the advice folks. I managed to get my hands on a cheap bluetooth HR monitor. I see you’re up to the max 6. I am able to sign up as a loner, or do I need to be part of a team to enter this race?
  • Taff, you have DM.

    Sorry Chris, those who missed this week will got a shot next week. We can swap out riders each week.

    I don't think you can sign up as an individual.
  • Okay, no worries Matt.
    Good luck everyone !
  • Well that was fun. Nice feeling racing as a team although I couldn't match my team mates performance. My groupetto of 10 managed to spit me out after 18 minutes as we hit Libby Hill. From there it was me and 2 other tail end Charlie's making it round to get our 1 point for finishing.

    Further up the field, Matt P, Chris P, Dan H, Dave W and Taff were flying the CCA flag with a bit more intent, Matt P made an awesome effort to take 5th place and a nice stack of team points!

    League details to follow.
  • It was fun. Thanks Matt for spurring us in to action. Due to the rather choppy nature of the course it was all about hanging on for everyone. Let's see what next week has in store, and if flatter, then I could see quite a few tactics coming out to play from the teams.
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