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WTRL Zwift Racing League Season 2

Hi All,

Season 1 was a great success and enjoyed by all who took part and a great way to give Zwift a whole new level of fun.

Season 2 we are going large with 2 teams. A Cat A and a Cat B team (corresponding to the Zwift Power cats).

Cat B will be captained by Matt S and Cat A by me Matt P. Which basically means that we will be the ones sending out emails with links on to sign on to the races.

The below link is a must read if you want to take part. It also includes all of the course details and further links.

Please note WTRL login needed for this season.

Week 1 starts next Tuesday 12th, around 19:45 ish. TBC for exact time. Richmond Reverse X2 @ 34km.

Zwift Power Cat As must ride in A team, but Cat Bs can also ride in A team like last time. Both teams need a minimum or 4 riders per race (max 6) so we will likely need to shuffle riders around. If too many riders to fit in both races we will have to have reserves and a guaranteed race the following week.

We will keep both teams' correspondence in the one thread to make this easier and keep the CCA Zwift Racing community and banter in one place.

So to kick this off!

Please post below what team you would like to join for the kick off race to season 2.

A or B!


  • Team B please. Thanks for organizing, chaps.
  • A please Matt! Thanks!
  • Would prefer B please
  • No sandbagging here Dan!!! ;o)
  • I'd like to give B a go please.
  • team B please, thanks Matt x2
  • I’d like an A please Matt ! Thanks a lot
  • B please, legs are too far off cat A but happy to do TTs in A if you need numbers.
  • Sign me up for the A's Matt. Thanks for organising
  • B's for me please. Cheers for getting this sorted lads.
  • B's for me also please. If it's a TT I might be able to scrape into the bottom of the A's but i imagine I'd be your last resort!! Thanks Matt x2 for organising us.
  • B/A for me please, I’m right in the middle. Thanks The Matts
  • The excellent interest in the racing means we have more riders than spaces. 13 so far!

    So in the interest of a CCA collaborative racing spirit we (the Matts) say that each week all riders wishing to take part need to say so by 19:00 Sunday evening for the following Tuesday.

    At that point, all names shall be entered into a "hat" (courtesy of Excel random number generator) and 12 selected. All selected As race in A race (no other option) and then all selected Bs with highest 5m power will fill up the remaining spaces of As then Bs.

    Riders not selected will automatically get to race the following week if they can make it. If not, then back in the "hat" they go.

    If under 12 riders then we need to make sure that we have a minimum of 4 in each team to score points. So will fill up to 5 each team and then 6 to cater for drop out issues (or power cuts like I had last season).

    If selected and then can't make it, post here, and then first come first serve to fill up spaces.

    Let's see how this works and we can always adjust as we move through the season.

    Hope this makes sense.
  • Yep, get your names down by Sunday night. We will post here the teams. If not selected, do keep an eye on the forum until race night incase riders do need to drop out. We ideally want to maintain 6 riders for each team.
  • Ok lovely sounds great! I’m available Tuesday should my name come out!
  • Brilliant, thanks Matt P & S. Please stick me in the hat for Tuesday
  • Cheers guys. Looking forward to racing! I’m good for this Tuesday.

    May I also add that we ensure racers are signed up to WTRL, and have a race Cat, I see there are a few changes to the rules. Don’t want any DSQs
  • Available this Tuesday thanks. Signed upto WTRL, it was straightforward.
  • Also HRMs are a must...
  • I'm on for Tuesday, thanks both Matts, great work organising all this.
  • Yes please put me in the hat for Tuesday and I've registered on WTRL. I just looked on zwift power and it has me down as an A but every week I race B in the TT's (and get hammered). Don't know how to change the zwift power setting and not sure if that will prohibit me from racing B's in WTRL? Any advice as I'm a novice on zwift?
  • Hi Rob. I had this before when my trainer was giving me higher power than it should have been. I started then to use a power meter on my crank for accuracy, after 3 races or so it took an average and brought me down to cat B. Ive gone back to the trainer now as software updates have fixed it but I have to calibrate my trainer pretty much on every use as it drifts up or down. If Zwift Power has you as A then you will have to race in cat A until you come back down.
  • A for me please!
  • edited January 9
    Rob, if you are A on ZP, you won't be able to race B on the ZRL. Not sure if u can reset to take up to date performance data??

    So far, for the hat we have...

    Matt P (A)
    Matt S (B)
    Martin L (B)
    Dave W (A)
    Dan H (B)
    Tim A (B)
    Stef D (B)
    Chris L (A)
    Graham A (B)
    Taff (B)
    Chris P (A)
    Rob (A)?
    Lillie (B)

    Lillie, make sure you are on ZwiftPower and join the CC Ashwell team.

    All: Once the team names are confirmed, you will need to change your ZwiftPower Rider Name to add the appropriate race team suffix '(CCA Racers)' or '(CCA Racers B )'. You can do this easily by logging in to ZP and click on 'Settings'. For example, my Rider Name would be 'Matt Scales (CCA Racers B )'

    Note, your Zwift Name does NOT need to change, just ZwiftPower.
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    Hi. Put me in the ERNIE for Tuesday’s B race please.
  • Just a thought- less of an issue for Tuesday's standard race format, but are we going to need a second CCA Discord channel for comms on the team time trials..? Could get very confusing just on the one...!
  • As far as I can see there is no need to change ZwiftPower tag which simplifies things.

    "New event signup system: each team will now receive a unique sign-on link for each event. Riders will not need to modify their rider tags on ZwiftPower prior to the events, but every rider must have a WTRL login in order to sign up for an event."
  • Ok cool
  • The names have been thrown in, the hat has been shaken and the following names have been pulled out.

    There were 13 names so one person was going to miss out, so at random, this week is Graham, but you get a ride next week as a definite. Assuming you can, if not then back in the hat.

    Lillie, your double Zwift category means that you can ride mixed B, women A. (As far as I can decipher in the murky world of ZwiftPower categories).

    5 minute power highs have put Chis and Lille into the A group. Max 5 minute power is one of the best measures of race performance over rolling terrain. Possibly also team TTs as it is not about sustained power, but debate welcome on that point (or of course any other point!).

    (Letter in brackets is ZwiftPower Category)

    A (A): Chris L
    A (A): Dave W
    A (A): Matt P
    A (A): Rob B
    A (B): Chris P
    A (B): Lillie S

    B (B): Dan H
    B (B): Martin L
    B (B): Matt S
    B (B): Stef D
    B (B): Taff
    B (B): Tim A

    R (B): Graham A

    Tomorrow or Tuesday morning when the links come through, we will post the links into a private message (Matt S, I'm thinking the forum private message copy and paste could be better than email now the numbers are growing?)

    If you can not make it, then please post as soon as possible as we need to make sure there are at least 4 in each team for the team to score. Please check the forum close to race time to see if categories have been swapped around and you need to join the other team.
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